Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Advice For Married & Unmarried Women

Sometimes I have a burning passion just to rant on my blog. I suppose it's because when I feel strongly about something, I like to make my point known. Today's topic is no exception. It's all about females in this world whom have home-wrecker tendencies, and may not even realize how big of a fool they are. Controversial, I know. But hear me out.

To these women, I do give them some credit. For example, marriage: it shows commitment for a lifetime, and let's be honest, that's kinda of really freaking sexy. At least in my opinion. Who is with me??? Marriage is sexy.
All of that being said, I think some women just don't know any better with how they act. They think it's okay to do certain things when it's just not. Marriage isn't dating. Marriage isn't a fling. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It's on a whole other level. Even if you have a guy friend who you've known for a lifetime, you still have a line that you cannot cross if he's married. Sorry boutcha. 

Quick disclaimer: Nothing has personally happened to me with a home-wrecker, nor would my husband or I stand for it, but I have seen some women act in desperation for attention towards married men and it makes me sick.

Advice for the married woman:
1) Be on the same page with your husband. If you feel uncomfortable or particularly strong about something, tell your spouse! They may not even realize how you feel, and I guarantee they will agree with you, since they want to make you happy. 
2) Keep your marriage safe. While you can absolutely trust each other, the devil is very real and he allows for tempting situations. The best advice that I've seen is to simply keep yourself out of temptations way.

Advice for the unmarried woman who likes married men:
1) Don't flirt with married men. They don't want you, because if they did want you, they would've married you.
2) Don't act all buddy-buddy with married men. Their wife is their best friend, whom they share every detail with; you can't possibly pretend to be besties with that married man.
3) Don't call or text married men. However, you probably shouldn't have their phone number anyways. I could see a few exceptions for having a married man's number if you have a professional relationship where you must communicate about work-related topics. In general though, texting a married man is a no-no!
4) Don't post pictures on social media about a married man. I don't understand the point of this, except I'm assuming that you want to show people that you have a cute married man on your social media feed somewhere. However, it doesn't look politically correct and you end up making yourself look desperate. 

I feel a sense of relief getting that out. Anyone that knows me at a deep level, such as my husband and closest friends, knows that I hold my marriage very highly; it's sacred. Maybe that's why I feel so strongly about it.


  1. Ugh. YES, YES, YES! Home-wreckers are scum; lower than low; I have more respect for the gum on the bottom of my shoe. I just don't understand how you can RUIN A MARRIAGE, a sacred vow, a lifetime commitment by laying with a married man (this goes both ways I guess). I just can't even. And apparently, I need some therapy with my strong hatred of all things home-wrecker. *sigh*

  2. I second all of those things... can I second them AGAIN?


  3. Ugh...home wreckers....ewww and yuck!!!

    Good post! I 100% agree!

  4. Um yes girl, AMEN!! I'm 100% with you here, on every single thing you said..

  5. LOVE this post! Some women are so pathetic and desperate. I love how honest you are! Ha :)

  6. Do some women like (as in, specifically seek out) married men?!?!? That's, like, a thing? What in the actual what?! I may be blessed, but I don't know any women like that. Thankfully, because I would likely punch them.

    And yes, marriage is sexy ;)

  7. Some women like the thought of a married man and that just makes me sick!!! I'm so glad tht Caleb and I KNOW what those boundaries are and we DONT have close friends of the opposite sex that we talk to regularly, etc. There are some doors that just shouldn't be open. Preach!!! ;)

  8. Yes yes yes! I used to work with a woman and clearly remember a situation she told me about. The gist was that she "talked on the phone till 3am" with a friend from college - who was, at the time, married. I said something to the effect of: "If that were my husband, I wouldn't like it one bit." In fact I blogged about it at the time LOL:

  9. You tell 'em girl! I honestly can't believe that some women think that doing these things is okay... it makes me sick, too. Loved this!

  10. This was a really provocative post! I hope this won't be a problem because as of right now, my two best friends are both guys, which might need some explaining for my future partner. But I think that he would understand---or I wouldn't be with someone who didn't!

    Another Beautiful Thing