Monday, October 13, 2014

IVF: Week 6

Disclaimer: I am blogging about my IVF experience in order to document everything that I've experienced during this process. I enjoy re-reading my previous blog posts, and since this is such a big step in our lives, I wanted to ensure that I wrote everything down for future reference. Feel free to read, or not.

October 1
8dp5dt (8 days past 5 day transfer)

Today was hubby and I's third wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a fancy dinner. At dinner, the waiter could obviously tell something was up with me (maybe it's because I was very clear in ordering decafinated coffee and we were talking about baby names), because he brought me orange juice and sprite in a champagne flute, while he brought hubby some champs. It made me feel preggo, which was an awesome feeling. I'm pregnant until proven otherwise, remember? Anyways, speaking of bebe names, we decided on a boy name and a girl name. Eekk! We will share the names one we know the sex!
Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 2
9dp5dt (9 days past 5 day transfer)

No major symptoms... just feeling slight twinges in my ovary area. Could be the baby burying himself/herself deep in my uterus.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 3
10dp5dt (10 days past 5 day transfer)

I woke up at 5am simply because I couldn't wait any long to pee on a stick. At this point in the game, the hCG trigger shot is long gone out of my system, so I knew I was in the clear to test. I unwrapped my stick from the packaging and started peeing. I held it in my stream for 5 seconds, sat it down on the counter top next to the toilet, and kept peeing (TMI!) Before I had even stopped using the bathroom, two lines appeared. I was in SHOCK. I pulled up my pants, ran into the bedroom and told my hubby (who was sound asleep). He was so excited and came into the bathroom to see the test. Immediately I was balling my eyes out. I kept saying, "I am so thankful!" 

I cried for probably an hour straight and the only thing I kept thinking was, "God answered our prayers. I am so blessed." For good measurement, I took two more tests that morning. Praise Jesus!

Another thing: I kept shaking. I was shaking uncontrollably. The thought of my baby being inside me filled my whole body up with joy. Now that I think about it, Joy really ought to be used if we're preggo with a girl. Because it's exactly what I felt when I saw the tests. 
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 4
11dp5dt (11 days past 5 day transfer)

We went out of town with some of our friends and my favorite part about the weekend was being the DD because I was the preggo and couldn't consume alcohol. Plus, my hubby kept asking, "how is [insert baby boy's name here] doing?" If you can't tell, he's pulling for a boy. I would honest-to-goodness be overwhelmed with joy with whatever God gave us.

IM progesterone (75mg)

October 5
12dp5dt (12 days past 5 day transfer)

Still on a high from the positive preggo tests, and feeling great. No symptoms to report except a "full" feeling in my tummy. 

IM progesterone (75mg)

October 6
13dp5dt (13 days past 5 day transfer)

I woke up and decided to pee on two more sticks for good measure and I'm still pregnant. Haha! Thank Jesus. I can't express into words how grateful I am that God has shown me mercy. I also called the nurse this morning to let her know the good news and she was happy for me. I can't wait for my lab work tomorrow!
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 7
14dp5dt (14 days past 5 day transfer)

I went in for my official blood test at 8:30 am and was told I would receive the results within a few hours. Around 11am, the nurse called me and said, "yep, you're pregnant!" She said that my hCG level was 718, which is great. They want to see it above 100, so I am extra thankful that my baby/babies are growing at a steady pace. 

October 29th will be the day that we can find out how many babes we're having and we'll get to hear their heartbeat. Praise God!

IM progesterone (75mg)


  1. I am just so happy for you both Allison! I know it has been a long journey but I am happy that you are at this point in the journey and have been so open about it all. Cheers to many healthy weeks of enjoying your pregnancy! :)

  2. So amazing, congrats! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  3. Congrats! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. You've brought me to tears so many times in your posts; I am so happy that this time they are tears of joy!

    1. Awww that's so sweet!!! It's been a whirlwind and I've been a total emotional wreck, but God has provided and I couldn't be more thankful!

  5. this is SOOOO exciting! what an answer to prayer! Praying for your family and those baby/babies to get keep growing and growing!!!