Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Favorites

Although I'm a huge fan of all Friday Favorites posts, I wanted to spice this Monday's blog post up with a little favorites. Therefore, I am calling this Monday Favorites. You should assume this post is going to be slightly random.

Favorite Recent Laugh
Hubby and I celebrated 3 years of marriage last week. While at dinner, we were in a no-cellphone-zone (per our own decision) which made our conversation much more lively. For married couples, I think it's easy to be 100% comfortable around each other while not talking. However, a good conversation is always welcomed. Anyways, during the meal, they played classic rock quietly in the background. I don't know much about classic rock, but when I heard this specific song come on, I recognized it. The song was, "Sweet Child O Mine" by Guns N Roses. Anyways, husband and I had a funny conversation about the song.

Me: Oh! This is Guns N Roses!
Ross: Wow, I'm surprised you knew that.
Me: Well, I know it from Rock Band.
Ross: That's cool.
Me: Yea, I can play this song!

<We both laugh>
I guess we found it so entertaining because I clearly am not talented enough to play the guitar all sorts of hardcore like Guns N Roses did in the song... BUT, I most certainly can jam it out on Rock Band. Maybe our humor is something that only him and I understand. So, if this story was completely pointless and zero percent funny, just keep chugging along to the next 'favorite' thing of the week.

Favorite Recent Song
Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave
If you haven't heard that song before, you are missing out on the greatest song that ever existed (not lying). Just give it a quick listen and I think you'll understand!

Favorite New Release
Okay, so I am assuming that Gone Girl is going to be my new favorite movie after I see it. I have been too busy over the last couple of days to check it out, but I am hoping to see it this weekend or next. Did y'all love it? I own the book, thanks to Jordon but haven't read it either. I just know that everyone says that it's the bomb dot com.

Favorite Recent Funny

Favorite German Moment
(I didn't know what else to call this moment)
This weekend hubby and I went to Oktoberfest with some of our favorite people and had a grand ole time. While there, we both picked up a souvenir. He got a German hat and I got this flowery thing that Germans wear on their head. But in all seriousness, my ancestors are German and English, so it took me back to my roots.
Favorite "Es Okay" Moment
My progesterone shots are increasingly becoming more and more uncomfortable on my back/butt area. I think it's just because it's an oil-based solution. I'm thinking about starting to inject them in my thighs. Any suggestions from my TTC Sisters? However... at the end of the day, it's okay; I will happily take these shots because it's all in the name of a baby or two that should be brewing inside my belly. More updates to come soon.


  1. Haha to "favorite german moment"! Too funny. And I also recognize songs only from Rock Band!!! That reminds me that we need to break it out again soon!

  2. Oh man. I can ROCK OUT on some Guitar Hero. :P
    Gone Girl was SO GOOD. Like--AHHH! Really good.
    I'm part German, too!
    Also... don't rule out triplets or quads... did you hear about the lady who only had 2 viable eggs during IVF, they implanted both and she found out she was pregnant with QUADS?! :O It can happen, mama!

    1. The video:

    2. I saw this over the weekend and thought of you Allison. Can you imagine, quads??? That video is adorable :)

  3. Fun married conversations are the best! Glad you had a wonderful dinner!

    Hope the shots start feeling better!!!

  4. OMG I read the book last week and I am DYING to see the movie!! You have to read the book it is SO aweseome!! I am insisting Tyler take me to the movies friday ( and obviously buy me popcorn :))

  5. I so want to see Gone Girl BUT I'm leery simply because I heard on TV that they show his um front assets in it??? Anyone that's seen it please tell me if this is true. I haven't wanted to see a movie in ages but this one I really want to see. I didn't know there was a book so I may have to read that first.

    Can't wait to hear how many babies are in there...yay!!!

  6. I loved GG the book. All of Gillian Flynn's books are so good. I absolutely cannot wait until I get a chance to see the movie.

  7. I haven't read the book but really want to see the movie too! Dustin and I were just talking last night about how crazy and fun some of our conversations are, and how much we love that. I'm a big fan of no phone zones :)

  8. I saw the preview for Gone girl FOREVER ago, and didn't even know it was a book until like a month ago, ha! I'm clueless apparently, but I really do want to see it! :) i heard it's crazy!

  9. Love the IVF meme. Glad hubs and you are enjoying some fun moments.

  10. I want to see Gone Girl so bad! But part of me wants to read the book first.
    My dad told me about that Overwhelmed's so good!

  11. That song - oh my heart! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! And y'all are absolutely precious in your German gear! Seriously. :)

  12. Ahhh I used to rock out to Rock Band and every time I hear Eye of the Tiger I think of that game! I'm glad you had a great weekend :)