Monday, October 13, 2014

What A Tweest

Oh my life. It is crazy beautiful. From the depths of my heart, genuinely want to thank everyone who has said a prayer for my husband and I while we went through the IVF process. God chose to bless us, and it's all because of prayer. Each and every single prayer made a difference. My heart is so thankful for each of you.
P.S. I want this verse on EVERYTHING. Literally. Buy it all for me.

I started taking injections on August 27th and I will continue taking injections until week 10 of my pregnancy (right now I'm at week 5). I would do it all over again to experience the joy of having a baby inside my belly. On October 29th, which can't seem to come soon enough, my husband and I will learn how many babies there are and hear the heartbeat for the first time. As you may recall, doctors implanted 2 blastocysts and "technically" each can split into two separate babies. So... I could have one baby inside me. Or up to four babies. With a joyful heart, I will happily take whatever God gives me. Oh and by the way, for formality purposes, you'll see that I just posted the last of my my IVF weekly updates. Even though I'm preggo, I know that I will eventually like to reflect back on each day throughout the process.

It still doesn't seem real to me. For women who struggle with trying to conceive, it's easy to wonder if it'll ever happen. It's easy to doubt. But I was reminded (yet again) in church yesterday that all it takes is prayer. God can overcome the impossible and change any situation; I'm living proof of that. Prayer: it works.
As you could probably assume, I am totally wrapped up in this blessing. My husband and I keep talking about how we'll arrange the baby/babies room, baby names, and all things related to becoming parents. P.S. yep, we've already picked out a boy and a girl name. Now, if there are multiples we may have to come up with more ideas. But, as such with this exciting time, I pretty much haven't answered any emails. EEK. Sorry y'all. I promise to catch up very soon.
Not to mention, did you know that I was in Minnesota from Wednesday until Saturday? I was there for a work conference. A few things: 1) BURR, it was very cold there. In my book, it was "freezing." I certainly didn't pack like a northerner. 2) I ate at a place called Barrio and it was legit. So dang good. I told our waiter to put a location in Austin. 3) People have funny accents there. But I'm sure I have a strange accent to them too, so it all evens out.
I will say this though: If I lived in the north, it would be downtown Minneapolis. I loved it there. It was totally cute. I stayed at a hotel right by the Convention Center and walked all around. Where my Minnesota peeps at?

Other than being in Minnesota the past few days, I've been sleeping a lot and watching plenty of telly. (I am starting to talk like a northerner - what's up with that?) Hubby and I saw Gone Girl finally and I lurved it. As my husband would say about the movie, "what a tweest." He pronounces "twist" as "tweetst" to be humorous. No, but really. I am gonna have to read the book now and see if I enjoy it just as much, which I'm sure I will.
Last thing (swear): Did anyone else watch The Walking Dead last night? I am so glad it was finally a good episode. Last season was awful. Just terrible and boring. But now? I am fairly certain I am going to get my zombie fix.


  1. This just makes me SO happy!!! Even I can't wait until October 29th! :) Prayers that things continue to go smoothly!

  2. Continued prayers for you, sweet girl! I am currently doing a 40-day devotional with one of my coworkers and her church called Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. It's all about prayer, and I highly recommend it! It's changed my prayer life for the better, and I'll be going back to it time and time again! Just thought I'd share :).

    And I definitely need to read Gone Girl and then see the movie - I've heard such great things!

  3. Congrats on everything! The Walking Dead episode was SOOO good! So ready for a great ep after last season:)

  4. Congrats lady!! Hope everything goes smoothly for you and excited to hear the results on the 29th!! The Walking Dead was SO good last night! I definitely had trouble going to sleep after that. So excited for this season :)

  5. So stinking happy and can't wait until the 29th! Everything is possible with prayer and I'm so glad God has answered yours!

  6. Your trip seems like it was a lot of fun! And I know-the weather. I never have enough warm clothes when I go w/ my husband to Iowa. I am dying to see Gone Girl, I loved the book. SO happy about your babies!

  7. Congratulations!!! I just started following your blog so I cant wait to follow along your pregnancy journey! :)

  8. I am so beyond happy for you all sweet girl... Cannot wait to see how many little ones God is gonna bless you two with :)

  9. ummm, walking dead tonight! cannot wait. my boss is from Minnesota and shes finally getting a more southern accent, but her daughter is talking southern it blows their mind :)

  10. I decided to read the book first. I read that it's slow at the beginning so I am waiting for it to pick up a bit but so far so good :)

  11. Awwww, I remember being newly pregs and so excited/nervous about it all. Enjoy! Hopefully morning sickness and extreme fatigue don't get you like they got me.

    I lived in downtown Minneapolis! I bet you didn't get to the warehouse district or Uptown with all you had going on, but those were also super fun places to live. And trust me, when it's -30 you call a cab to go 6 blocks. I only ventured to Barrio for the nightlife... Tequila shots and guac :) Minneapolis has AMAZING food, but legit Mexican is def not it's strength!

    1. Well I definitely think that if I lived up north, it would be Minneapolis. I just loved it there!!!

  12. I'm so anxious for the 29th. I so remember that day, and it was wonderful. I mean, I kinda want to give you my # so you can text me and tell me what you find out ;)