Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hellur Allison, This Is For You

I would probably dislike me too if I were any of you. Mainly because my blog has been filled with baby stuff left and right, and that doesn't always cater to all of my readers. I can explain though.


My philosophy is that when you're in love, it's all you think about. Just yesterday I watched this video for the millionth time and it still brings tears to my eyes. I still cannot believe I have a miracle growing inside me. In fact, although my belly is getting bigger and I'm starting to develop cankles (eek), I took another pregnancy test today. Yep, still very much pregnant.

This weekend at church, our pastor was reading a story in the bible about showing gratitude and it spoke right to me, almost like God was saying, "Hellur Allison, this is for you!" The story was Luke 17:11-19. The story is about how Jesus healed 10 people with leprosy, however only one person came back to praise Jesus for doing so. Verse 17 says it all: Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?"

For me, I will NEVER STOP giving God the credit for this baby. And Luke, chapter 17 is a reminder of that. Often times, in real life, when I tell my story about IVF, I always say, "God gets the credit." That's not to downplay how God used the doctors (to perform the procedure), but really at the end of the day, it's all about Jesus' love and mercy. He loves me so much.

So here I am, just a mom-to-be that is madly in love with her miracle baby. And to think... I love my baby, but God loves me even more. It's amazing. Hold on while I let some hormonal tears out real quick. No, but for real - anytime I hear the song, "Praise You In The Storm" by Casting Crowns, waterworks begin. Kid.You.Not.
Baby Size: A large plum, or about 2.5 inches. I'm so proud of you, mini me, for growing so big and strong! Keep up the hard work. 

Maternity Clothes: Heck to the yes... any chance I get!

Movement? Still too early to feel anything, but I am on pins and needles for when the day comes!

Food cravings/aversions? YES to the cravings. Green Bean Casserole consumes my thoughts anytime the idea of eating comes up.

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? No, no, and no! I am a blessed soul.

What I miss: Don't judge me, but I miss weighing less. I knew what would happen when a baby started to grow inside my belly, so I am not complaining. But I do feel extra large and in charge.

Symptoms? Sleepy, and according to my husband I am irritable.

Best moment this week? I feel like the 12 week mark is a milestone and it makes me very happy! Baby's major body structures are completely formed at this point, now I just have to bake my baby until June until he or she is ready to make their entrance. 

Workouts:  Unfortunately, no.

Gender: Still don't know, but we may know sooner than we thought. I will just leave it at that. Yes, I will update everyone soon enough. What do y'all think Mini Skinner is?

Sleep? Kinda crappy sleep. But then again, I have never been a very good sleeper. Too bad I can't get all jacked up on NyQuil.

What I'm looking forward to? I am sooo over these intramuscular injections. I'm looking forward to the day when my doc says to stop with the oil-based shots. These days, my back is always in pain and applying heat is a daily occurrence. But, like I said... not complaining... Just sayin!

Prayer: My Savior, thank you for continually protecting my baby and making sure that he or she is growing steadily. I pray that as my baby continues to grow big and strong that they will always know who their creator is. I also pray that my baby can feel the love that I have for him or her. Thank you for this miracle baby. I am so in love!


  1. Do not feel bad about only posting about that miracle inside of your belly! It is definitely amazing and miraculous. I felt bad when I was pregnant too, but like you said, you are in love and can't help it. Document as much as you want to because you will never have a first pregnancy again :)

  2. Well, I for one love your love for this little blessing <3

  3. Love that you're still taking pregnancy tests :) Looking awesome, mama! Hope you guys have the happiest Thanksgiving - so much to be thankful for!

  4. I have to/get to start my intramuscular shots next week and I am a bit nervous. This whole IVF process has been such a whirlwind so I am just glad we have gotten to this point. Your blog gives me hope in the scary world of IVF and I thank you for sharing your story! I hope we have as much luck as you guys did, send a prayer up next month for us :)
    Congrats again on your amazing miracle baby!
    PS, I love all of the baby posts...Keep em coming!!

  5. Love it! Keep them coming! You are glowing.