Monday, December 29, 2014

I Confess Sesh

I confess... that I may be converting from a PC person to an Apple person. Hubby bought me a new MacBook Air laptop and so far, me likey... a loty. Over the weekend, we took everything out of our current office (now that I'm done with school!) and we're getting it baby ready. Since the desktop no longer has a space in our house, I needed a new laptop for blogging. Winning.
I confess... that I haven't been as lazy as I had hoped during the Christmas break. I, sadly, only have a couple more days left of my break, and I intend to have at least ONE super duper lazy day. I want to do nothing but stay in my PJ's all day.

I confess... that I am obsessed with the baby inside my belly. I swear, I cannot contain myself too much longer. Hurry up, January 3. I want to spill the beans about the gender and the name of our mini.

I confess... that I really want a Selfie Stick. I only first heard about it from my cousin on Christmas Eve, and every since then, those things are popping up everywhere. I want one!
I confess... that I've been cleaning the house like crazy lately. I actually kind of enjoy organizing things and making our house look nice. On Friday, two of my girlfriends are coming into town to stay with me, which I am ultra excited about, but that also means that I gotta do some more cleaning before then!

I confess... that my Christmas was filled with a lot of blessings. I was spoiled rotten with all the gifts and baby-lovin! I just cannot wait until 2015's Christmas because Baby Skinner will be here!

I confess... that I am sad about my DVR being erased. I had at least 4 brand new episodes of Snapped recorded, and I am kinda butt-hurt that they're all erased. I have no idea how it happened, but everything is gone. It's a sad day.


  1. I have seen selfie sticks EVERYWHERE on Instagram, lol! Seems like it was a popular gift this year! ;) Hope you get your lazy day in soon- I could use one of those as well!!! HURRY UP JAN 3!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have no idea what a selfie stick is -- but now I want one!!! LOL

  3. We saw so many people with selfie sticks when we were in Europe this summer! They are such a good idea, but also look ridiculous at the same time. Yay for getting started on the nursery! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

  4. I was always a dell lady until I got my iMac. Now I don't know if I would be able to go back. YAY for lots of exciting things coming up for y'all. So happy for you and can't wait to hear if baby skinner will be a beau or a sweetheart. :)

  5. Those selfie sticks are definitely ridiculous looking, but such a great idea at the same time! Lol! Glad you had a great Christmas!!

  6. Love all of these, especially the baby obsession.