Tuesday, December 23, 2014

If You Need a Miracle

Truth is... I'm feeling quite accomplished. Not only have I caught up on blogging (you should go back and read all of last week's post if you haven't yet), but I have also been super productive preparing for baby Skinner.

On Thursday, we found out the gender of our sweet baby. We could not be happier even if we tried. Because I was so thrilled, I decided to buy several things for baby on Etsy and start organizing his or her room. Thus far, I have about 15 outfits hung up, and the nursery colors/design is already decided. You can expect a lot of DIY-ing from me. Also, our Gender Reveal party is coming up. We're having dinner with our closest friends and family to share the good news on January 3. After we share with those who are closest to us, then we'll announce it on social media.

I have to say: it all makes sense now. It will probably make even more sense once the baby is actually here in my arms too. What makes sense, you may ask? It makes sense that God was waiting for the perfect time to deliver THIS baby to Ross and I. If we had gotten pregnant at any other moment in life, we wouldn't have had the journey that we did leading straight to THIS miracle child. My heart is full.

Today is week 16 of my pregnancy and I couldn't be more grateful. At this point, he or she can actually start to hear my voice. That makes me so happy. I plan to start reading to him or her a couple of times per week. I already have a small book collection for baby Skinner, but I know that we'll acquire even more books as we progress through the pregnancy.

I hope that I don't annoy my baby with all my singing. I've been doing a lot of that lately. But when you hear certain songs, you just have to turn them up as loud as it'll go and sing your heart out. When I first heart, "I need a miracle" by Third Day, of COURSE I cried. Who wouldn't??? I was crying at the beginning because I remembered how much pain I went through before conceiving my miracle baby, and then by the end of the song, I was crying because of the pure joy I felt knowing that God always delivers. 
I highly encourage you to listen to the words of the song. It's amazing how God can work in your life once you are totally in need of Him. He steps in at the most perfect time to rescue you - you just have to ask for Him.
Like the song says, there will come a time when you can't do something on your own. You will have no choice but to rely on God. My husband and I found ourselves in the very same place and it was scary. I want today's blog post to encourage each and every one of you. More specifically, I am talking to my sisters who have had any bumps in the road when trying to get pregnant. My story is living proof that God will always deliver and will never forsake you. You just have to ask for Him.


  1. What..... I have to wait until after Jan 3!!!

    1. LOL I know - it's still a week & half away. I want to share SO bad, but I am trying to be patient like everyone else. I just wanted to have a special party for our baby (gender reveal) so I am trying to keep my lips sealed :)

  2. You are going to have one blessed & precious little baby <3 You know, Dustin and I tried for over a year to get pregnant about 3 years ago and it never happened. Within the next year or so we plan to start trying again and I have no idea what the future holds but I am so faithful that He's got it and will trust in his plan. I look back to that time and think how I know we weren't ready, so maybe that is why it didn't happen, or maybe there is something wrong with one of us. Who knows, but it's crazy how at ease I am with all of it :) I love reading these posts, your faith & love shine through for sure! Merry Christmas!

  3. What a true Christmas miracle and blessing. Can;t wait.

  4. Gosh you guys are such an inspiration! So happy for you guys and can't wait to find out what you're having!!! I think it's a little girl!!