Monday, December 1, 2014

Reasons Why I Love December

December brings happy things. First off, my appointment went perfectly today. Initially, the doctor used a Doppler to scan for the baby's heartbeat on my abdomen. After about 1 minute of trying, she looks at me and says with a smile, "let me just go get the ultrasound." She wasn't able to find it as quickly as she wanted, plus she knew I wanted to see the baby - not just hear him/her. I'm pretty sure every pregnant woman jumps at the chance to see their baby time and time again, so I was ecstatic.

Little baby bear was jumping all over the place. I couldn't believe it! What a stinker. And the heartbeat was great. Although I didn't hear it, the doc said it was perfect.
Look at that miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting so big!!!!!!

At Thanksgiving, my family was eating it up - they love mini Skinner. I'm not the type of person to talk about me, me, me... but every time someone brought up my little miracle, I blushed. I couldn't help it.

Another exciting thing that December brings is... GRADUATION! Holy cow, I literally never thought I'd get here. Now that my comprehensive exam is behind me (and I successfully passed-yay!!!!), I only have a few more assignments to submit. I just know that once all assignments are completed, I am gonna have another cry sesh. I will have accomplished at lot at 27, and that makes me proud: two degrees, a stable career, a loving husband, and a bebe on the way. Mighty God, you are GOOD. I am indebted and totally undeserving of so many blessings, but I don't take it for granted for even a split second.

Lastly, I am overly ecstatic about finding out the baby's sex soon. We'll know the gender on December 18 as long as the baby cooperates. I honestly will be pleased as punch with either gender - boy or girl - but I am excited to know so that I can start shopping and decorating. Day and night, all I'm thinking about it this little munchkin in my belly. 

In other non-pregnancy related news, Black Friday treated me well. I didn't score some of the items that I had my eye on (sadly), but I did get some other great things. Hubby bought me a new Michael Kors watch for only $80! Whata deal. I also bought a few other odds and ends things, but nothing major. If I was smart, I would've taken a Christmas list with me and purchased everyone's gifts... but apparently I am not smart, because I didn't do that.

That about wraps it up for me today, but I wanted to mention something. I've said this before, but I wanted to reiterate it: I always read every comment that I receive on my blog, but lately, I haven't been responding to emails. It's just really exhausting after working 40+ hours per week, PLUS doing an internship. I mean, do you know how tired I am from the pregnancy hormones? Please know that I see your comment and that I think you rock for leaving me some lovin'.


  1. What a cute lil baby you have there! That picture is adorable!

  2. Congratulations girl!!!! Can't wait to hear about the gender reveal!

  3. So so precious!! Awesome score on the new MK watch :)

  4. Oh i Love seeing our baby girl every time. Just hearing the heartbeat give me such solace. So excited to find out what mini skinner is! 2nd trimester will be so much better, promise, the energy comes back. Hang in there.

  5. So happy for that healthy little baby!!!! :) And graduation- eek!!!!

  6. So happy that everything is going so well for you!! Graduation and finding out the gender - such an exciting time!!! I'm guessing boy :)

  7. Goodness gracious - so much goodness going on in your life!!!! So awesome to have watched alongside you, and pray for this little miracle along with you....and to see it happen? AH. Can't contain my hearts happiness for you! :)