Monday, January 12, 2015

15 in 15

Don't judge me for just now writing a post about 2015 and my expectations for the year. It just now dawned on me that I should share. I didn't make any resolutions for the year, per say; rather I just have some goals. Here are my 15 goals in 2015:
1. List our house for sell. Yep, you read that right. We are going to list our house for sell very soon in 2015. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it will sell. We have a certain price that we want, and since we're not desperate to move, we may not take it. Plus, I honestly believe that this is another God thing. We're simply putting our house on the market to make the first move. If God wants us to stay put, then that's exactly what we're going to do! 

2. Once Kensington has made her sweet arrival, I want to get back down to my pre-pregnancy & pre-IVF weight. This will be tough, but I have to do it. I feel large and in charge - and I'm just not quite used to it. From the beginning of IVF until we knew we were pregnant, I had gained 10 pounds. Stupid hormone injections. I do not mind the belly weight that I've gained; it's to be expected. But I've also gained weight in my thighs and legs. 

3. Do a weekly SOAP. I used to do these weekly with our small group, but we had changed things up slightly in the group (i.e. read Christian books), which meant that I totally slacked on doing them. Beginning this year, the group plans to get back into SOAP and I'm really excited about it.

4. Complete Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. Every year, I say that I'm gonna do this... but I am gonna seriously try to in 2015! 

5. Complete Kensington's nursery. This may be tough since there's the possibility that we may be moving sometime this year, but I am bound and determined to get her room 100% complete either before she's here or shortly thereafter.

6. Start Alphabet Dating again! It looks like hubby and I are on the letter E for our next date. Any suggestions for fun E dates?

7. Promote my blog more. I want to continue growing Texas Mrs. and I feel the best way to go about that is by advertising. My goal is to advertise my button on other women's blogs - one new blog per month.

8. Learn how to sew. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I am just so excited to learn how to use it. I have already found some great tips on Pinterest, but if you have tips for beginners, let me know!

9. Attend either a church, marriage, or blogger conference. I attended the women's conference at our church last year, and it was phenomenal! I really want to go again, but because it costs a pretty penny, I am trying to decide if that's the one I'll attend this year, or if I'll attend a different type of non-work related conference. 

10. Recreate at least 5 DIY projects or recipes from Pinterest. I just lurve Pinterest and I've been using it more and more lately. As I write this, I am making one of the recipes on my "foodies" board. I am hoping to do more than 5 in 2015, but I figure this is a good starting point.

11. Drink more water. I know all goals should be measurable, but my goal is just to put water as a priority (especially during pregnancy) so that I'm drinking more of it. In my typical day, I usually have some decaf coffee, a caffeine-free soda, milk, and water. I want to simply drink more water! 

12. Play the Texas lotto. This is really silly of me, but I don't even really know how to play the lottery. I think in 2015, it would  be neato to play at least once. 

13. Try at least 3 new brunch places in Austin. I am such a foodie, and brunch is my most favorite meal ever! True story. I want to expand from my favorite places (i.e. Moonshine, Jack Allens, &  Iron Cactuc) and try other yummo places.

14. Check off at least 3 more items on my 30 before 30 list. After all, I will be 28 this year, so I should probably get to movin' on those items.

15. Have Kensington dedicated at our church once she's born. Our church does baby dedications a couple times throughout the year. It's super important to me that Kensington is a part of that this year. 


  1. Great list, I really should get on mine. lol

  2. Love this list! I got a sewing machine for Christmas too and while I have yet to take it out of the box (ha!) I am dying to start sewing some cute little things for Gracie! Etsy has some really adorable patterns :)

  3. I love the idea of Alphabet dating. I am going to have to get my honey on board with that! & the idea of a new blog button every month is a great idea! I would love to grow my blog more and your goals inspired me :) Happy 2015! xo Kailagh

  4. These are some great goals for this year! I really want to do the whole Alphabet Dating thing...sounds so fun! Also, let me know how learning to sew goes...I think I'm just not patient enough for it!

  5. LOVE the idea of Alphabet Dating! That is so fun and something I've never heard of before! E is a tough one... maybe exercise of some sort together?

  6. Haha the lottery, that's a fun one :) Going to check out this Alphabet Dating thing!

  7. You should check out Frank's - the hot dog place - in downtown. Their brunch is so delicious!!!!

  8. E Could be Eat at a new restaurant??? I love this idea!! I might have to copy. lol.Then you chould check off eat at a new brunch place, too!! And I got a new sewing machine 2 years ago. I haven't even threaded it yet. lol. I should add that to my bucket list.

  9. Those are great goals, Allison! Austin has such great brunch places :) Lucky! I know everyone goes here but I love Kerby Lane. Oh and I cant remember the name but there was a good one (kinda fancy) downtown like a block away from the water. Sorry I can't remember the name! And I heard that you won our prints giveaway! Yay! Congrats!!

  10. I think the alphabet dating is a really cool idea! I love your list of goals for 2015, a great variety! Eating at new places is something I always love to do! Good luck knocking them out!

  11. Maybe you could try adding flavor to your water as away to move away from the soda and increase your water intake? I tote around a cute tervis tumbler that helps too. I'm with everyone else, E should be eat out at a new restaurant and that helps with your goal to try new places!

  12. Seersucker on 4th and Colorado has a great brunch and one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever had! You also have to try Kerbey Lane Cafe and Magnolia Cafe for nothing more than the Austin staples that they are!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion :) And Ive had Magnolia Cafe - they are super tasty too!!!

  13. I love all of these and pretty much have most of the same goals for 2015 :) We can check in with each other on January 1, 2016 to see if we did (most of) them!

  14. I say get yourself to Iron Cactus immediately. So, so, so, so good. You have a busy but amazing year ahead of you lady! It's going to be a great one!

  15. Great goals and so much to look forward to.

  16. I can help with the sewing!!! I took one lesson from a lady in the neighborhood and now I am sewing all our drapes for the new house!