Friday, January 30, 2015

Five On Friday: Baby Registry Edition

Disclaimer: I want to apologize that this blog post may not be something that everyone can respond to. However, it's an important post to me because I have hopes that I can get some feedback about our baby registry and the best products for Kensington. 

I am starting to feel the financial differences that come along with a bundle of joy. Each pay period, my husband and I have been buying an essential item for Kensington in order to space out spending tons of money at the store. These essentials are things that, in our opinion, are not 'gift' items to receive at a shower. For example, we already purchased the crib. I doubt anyone would've purchased one for us, right? Same goes for a changing table/dresser, etc!

Anyways, I have finalized the last couple of essentials that we'll be buying for Kensington. I think we're going to try and purchase all of these items in February and then plan on receiving the other items as gifts. That's my hope anyways! 

All of that being said, today's blog post is not about the things that we intend to purchase. That would be boring. Instead, today's blog post is about the items that are on our baby registry and I want your feedback as to whether or not we should switch things up. Are these good brands? Do you suggest something different? We only want the best for mini me!

My questions are...
Is there a safer/better brand out there?
Does this one seem fairly efficient to get your child in and out of?
Is it comfortable for that growing body of theirs?
Should we add two to our registry, or will one suffice?
My questions are...
Does this bassinet work well for infants to sleep beside the bed?
Would the mini Co-Sleeper be better, or is it too small?
My questions are...
Is this highchair fairly sturdy?
Does your child sit fairly comfortably in it?
My questions are...
Is this something that you recommend?
Is there a better brand that you've heard of?
Fun things!
I created a Pinterest board of all the fun things that I'd like for Kensington. You can see the board here. Is there anything else that you think I should add? I am ALL about monogrammed or personalized gifts. They are my absolute favorite. I would love y'alls feedback about the best personalized gifts. 

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  1. My #1 recommendation is the Sleep Sheep. It's a stuffed animal noise maker that you can attach to the car seat, etc. I don't know why, but the "whale" noise would put our baby girl to sleep the second we got in the car. It made those first few outings with her much easier! Also, I would get a variety of pacifiers, you never know which brand she'll like.

    Also, I just recently found out that Baby Earth will do free same day delivery to Round Rock. May be very helpful!

  2. Gosh registering is SO HARD! I keep going back and forth on strollers, car seats, and monitors! Those are all big purchases so I want to make sure I get the right one. Everyone told me that wipe warmers were not necessary so I didn't register for one of those.

  3. Such cute clothing pieces you picked out for her!! Is that a bathing suit? So pretty!

  4. I think that's a great idea purchasing one big ticket item per pay check, it's such a good way to spread it out :)

  5. My thoughts hehe
    1. I have a Britax B-Safe infant seat and it's sooo much better than having a seat you can't take out of the car! I'd register for one of those and a bigger seat for later down the road. Baby will fall asleep in the car constantly and you want to be able to take them in and out of the car without waking them!
    2. I wouldn't bother with a wipe warmer. I've heard that if you use one and then you ever have to use a COLD wipe on your baby, they will freak out. They hate diaper changes in the beginning and they totally adapt. I can change Arianna in the middle of the night without her even barely noticing.
    3. I totally wish I'd gotten that co-sleeper instead of the basinett I have.
    4. I haven't forgotten about your package, I just haven't gotten to the post office lol! I will mail it for you on Monday! :-)

  6. Totally second the infant seat idea!! Being able to take it in and out while at a restaurant or grocery store is a must!! Or even keeping them sleeping soundly while you put those groceries away : ) For my baby # 2 we are using the rock n play sleeper (everyone I know swears by it, and I do too). Cancel the bassinet, since they only stay in that for a couple of weeks and get the rock n play! You can move it around the house easily!

  7. I'm a long time reader, but this is my first time commenting! These are my 2 cents ;)

    1) That convertible car seat is a great one, we love ours! But you will definitely want a standard infant car seat at first, they will fall asleep in the car and its MUCH easier to take them in/out in the car seat! Also, you will want to get 2 convertible car seats for when she outgrows the infant seat (one for your car and one for your hubby's!) It's a lot of money, but it is a huge pain to move the car seat from car to car!

    2) I wouldn't waste money on a bassinet or co-sleeper. We got a pack & play that had a bassinet attachment that you could remove & take her around from room to room! We had our daughter in that next to our bed & when she out grew the bassinet part we just put her in the pack & play on the higher setting next to our bed :) ours was like this, just a different pattern:

  8. Put a "Rock n Play" on your registry! You can get them at target baby's r us etc. BEST thing I received for a newborn - 6 months and it's only $50-$60. It folds up SO easy and you can haul it around with you, it is angled so good for babies who are gassy, & you can subconsciously rock it with your foot while you are sitting on the couch in a tired zombie state! My son seriously slept in this for at least the first 4 months right next to our bed for easy nighttime feeding. It is a little bit "cozy" so he loved the feeling of being in there and not flopping all over a big crib or pack n play. It was a sad day when I had to put it in storage!!

  9. For #1: We had an infant seat first (with 2 bases) and it is SO much better to have when infants fall asleep. You can pop them out of the car in the seat, instead of removing them and probably waking them. Otherwise, I would definitely get 2 seats if you have 2 cars. Otherwise you're switching the seats around or possibly forgetting to move it.

    #2: We had a bassinet first, then a cradle, then a pack and play, then a crib, so as long as it stays up and holds the baby (with the adjustments of when they can stand that they don't climb out and it's long enough), it's good!

    #3: we have a seat that sits in a regular chair, so I wouldn't know about that.

    #4: I was told to not do wipes warmers. They could have bacteria in them. I guess they make spray, but we skipped that all together. A waste of money, and what happens when you're out shopping and need to change their diaper with a cold wipe?

    Definitely go to consignment shops and places that sell baby things second hand or discounted. You can get great deals on lots of things, even big purchases!

    The link to some of the posts I made on our favorite things is here:

  10. I forgot to mention, we had the Chicco Keyfit 30 for the infant seat, and have Evenflo for our convertible seats! They're great!

  11. Being a fairly new mama and frugal these brands I'm not too familiar with. But if I could offer a suggestion I agree with everyone saying to get an actual infant seat. To save even more can get an infant seat and just get an extra base and place it in your husbands car. That way you can just move the infant seat from car to car. The convertible seat should be further down the line. Maybe when she grows out of the infant seat you start using the convertible. Britax makes great infant seats, Peg Perego also. I thought of getting that co sleeper, but someone got us the pack and play instead so we just kept with the pack and play. My son sleeps in the bassinet portion no problem....but I feel like the co sleeper would BE EASIER for the late night feedings and I have to reach over the bassinet as opposed to reach across with no barrier. The wipes warmer, we used once and haven't used it since. My son did adjust to the cold wipes....he hardly cries now when changing his diaper unless he is starving and wants no parts! Are you going to breast feed?

  12. We had the Britax infant seat and two bases, one for each of our cars. When she was 4 months old we moved her to her convertible seat, and yes you will want two of those!
    We used the Fisher Price Rock'n'Play for her to sleep in until she was 4 months old and then we went right to the crib. The rock'n'play was a lifesaver, and easy to fold up and move from room to room throughout the day!
    I can't comment on the highchair because I have a different brand - but you want one that the straps come out for easy cleanup - I am amazed at how dirty the straps get!
    I would personally nix the wipes warmer. You won't be able to keep them warm ALL the time (traveling and such) and the cool ones are really not that bad! I'd save your money on that one :)
    Lastly, I LOVE personalized and monogrammed things!!

  13. Forgot to add- I would get a pack n play over a co- sleeper. We used the pack n play in our room and then moved them to their cribs around 3 months. Pack n plays are great to take to grandparents house, when you travel, etc.

  14. Eeep!! I spy Lilly Pulitzer on your Pinterest board! I got that same Baby Lilly Shift Dress in Fishing for Compliments for my "niece." I am an only child so I make do with my friend's kids. I think it is a great dress!!

  15. I'm also going to be a first time momma so not sure my advice should be taken! But like everyone else said get an infant car seat that can be removed from the base! We bought the Graco Click Connect, two bases (one for each car) and the stroller that it clicks in to. Seems much more practical.

    Everything else is really preference of you (and the baby)! We were gifted so many things that I'm just hoping she'll sleep in one of them. We got a bassinet, a pack n play, a swing, a mamaroo, and of course her crib! We'll try them all out and see what works best for us :)

  16. I will be asking YOU all of my baby questions someday!!!

  17. I would deff recommended the Sleep Sheep if you don't have it. It saved my life. My Little one lived in that for 5 months an slept in it next to our bed and loved it... I hope this helps :) Chelsea @

  18. Wipe warmer and bottle warmers are NOT worth the money! LOVED our Arm's Reach Co-sleeper... And get K a Wubbanub, best pacifier out there.... Are you getting and infant carseat or just a convertible?

  19. And yes on the Rock n Play suggestion. We didn't have one, but ALL our friends said it was a must have...

  20. I know where you're coming from! I'm 35 weeks and we've purchased so many big items that we thought maybe family would buy and didn't. We bought her crib, rocker, refinished a family dresser, and stroller. Family did buy the car seat and we bought an extra base. I don't know about the items you listed but you should check out the book Baby Bargains. It gives great reviews on everything and ranks different categories. It was so helpful in choosing items for our registries especially the big ones! I would have been lost without it. Good luck! :)

  21. Here is my two cents :)
    1. For her car seat- I would get an actual baby car seat that you can take in and out of the car. You will be so happy you did! When they are little they sleep in the car a lot and I can't tell you how many times I would remove the car seat from the car, take her inside, and let her continue to sleep. You can't do that with the one you are registered for. You will eventually need it for when she's bigger, but I would definitely get 1 that just clips into a car seat base and can be taken in and out. We have 2 bases, 1 for my car and one for the hubs. And 1 car seat :)
    2. The bassinet is good, but I noticed that she struggled with sleeping in such a big, empty space. Raegan wanted to be snuggled so we got the Graco Pack n Play that came with a little removable bassinet that was snuggly and even vibrated.
    3. We have the Graco high chair so I can't say anything about that high chair :)
    4. I had a prince lionheart wipe warmer and quickly realized that she didn't really care if it was warm or not :)

    Other items we couldn't live without. rock n play, swaddleme swaddles, miracle blanket, wubbanub, aden and anais swaddle muslin swaddle blankets. Huggies diapers (they have elastic along the back that keep the blowouts in), BUT I will say I liked the pampers when she was in the newborn size, and then changed to huggies when she moved up to size 1. You'll have to play around with diapers. We also loved something called "The Windy". They were the best when she got gas when she was little. Don't know if you got a stroller yet, but we love our city select baby jogger. It can be a double stroller for when we need it to be. We got a mamaroo, but returned it. Raegan didn't like it. Liked a swing much more!

    Here's my registry if you want to look through it :)

    The Mrs. & Co.

  22. I ordered and received that same high chair after watching one of my best friend's go through two and finally get this one and loves it. We went for the Britax infant carrier that straps into the stroller. we are going to get a convertible carseat when she grows. That being said, we loved the britax more than anything else we saw for the price and weight/ease. We got one car seat with two bases.

  23. Ditto what everyone said about getting an infant seat that's removable first (preferably with a stroller you can click the seat into - so handy!). We're just about to transition Henry into that exact car seat you listed and he's nearly 9 months and 23 pounds. Ditto the comments about the rock n' play being awesome. Ditto the comment about the wipe warmer being WORTHLESS (you're having a summer baby... In Texas. Henry actually liked the cool wipe with the heat all summer!). I wouldn't worry about a high chair yet. It will be 4-6 months before she's even thinking about using it, and it will just take up precious space (you also might change your mind about what you want in that time) Just my minimalist point of view!