Monday, February 23, 2015

ABC's Of Me: Favorites

I apparently enjoy a good ABC blog post (see here, here, and here). Today's ABC's of Me is inspired by the ABC's of some of my favorite things. And per usual, no blog post is complete without a picture. Hi 5 month old baby Allison!
A - Artist: Country would be George Strait, and Christian would be Chris Tomlin.
B - Blog: I don't have one favorite blog, but I do enjoy keeping up with Hello! Happiness.
C - Celebrity: Jake Gyllenhaal all the way. I have a minor crush.
D - Dessert: It's a toss up between Sopapilla Cheesecake and anything s'more related.
E - Exercise: Does dancing count? I totally missing my country dancing days.
F - Flower: Peonies are really pretty!
G - Guilty Pleasure: If I wasn't concerned about calorie intake or caffeine, Big Red would be my pick.
H - Hack: I use almost all of these beauty hacks, but my favorite is #1,
I - Iphone App: I use my iBook app the most to read my pregnancy books.
J - Jewelry: Other than my wedding/engagement ring, I would say my Kendra Scott earrings.
K - Keepsake: I keep mine and Ross' wedding cards to one another stored in our safe.
L - Laugh: This one gets me every time.
M - Movie: Zero Dark Thirty, Fury, Lone Survivor, American Sniper. (Do you see a pattern)?
N - Number: I s'pose 13 is probably my favorite number.
O - Outfit: Anything that involves a maxi skirt and a tank top. It's literally my staple outfit.
P - Pin: I'm kinda obsessed with this one. Who are those fine peeps?
Q - Quote: "Happy girls are the prettiest girls" -Audrey Hepburn
R - Restaurant: Casa Ole and Chuy's are equally tied. Get in my belly, Mexican Food.
S - Store: TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Don't make me pick.
T - TV show: Anything that is reality. My favorite is any of the Real Housewives show on Bravo.
U - Urban Decay product: The Naked 2 palette eyeshadow brush. I use it everyday.
V - Vacation spot: The Bahamas! Can we re-live our honeymoon, please?
- Website: Without a doubt, I check Saving with Shellie every single day!
X - I hate this letter so I'm not using it.
Y - YouTuber: Probably Jaclyn Hill. I'm a fan.
Z - Zodiac Sign: I guess I am going to be biased and say my own, which is Pisces.


  1. Oh I'm a pisces too, my birthday is Thursday!

  2. Sopapilla cheesecake!? Is this a real thing? That sounds good!

  3. I'm a pisces too!! When is your birthday?!

  4. How cute! Baby you looks like you now! :) Chuy''s honestly one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants!

  5. I always love these posts! Off to check out the lazy girl beauty hacks and Saving with Shellie now! :)

  6. This is such a fun post! Mexican food is everything and I love all the Urban Decays too.

  7. I love this and might have to borrow the idea soon! I'm so in awe of you for loving all those war movies. They make me so sad, but I do usually watch them once. I did really like Lone Survivor but I bawled my eyes out!!

  8. Pisces also over here! I loved the Bahamas also. Such a beautiful place! I love a good ABC post too. It's fun learning little fun facts about other people and these type of posts do just that.