Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Watching: Impractical Jokers. Honestly, when I first came across this show, it was because 'nothing else was on TV.' But it has turned into one of my favorite shows. Please tell me y'all have seen it?! Sometimes I will laugh so hard that I start to drool. (I can't believe I just admitted that). I seriously recommend watching some of their clips online if you need a good laugh.

Reading: Expecting: Praying for Your Child's Development-Body and Soul. This book has seriously been my favorite things to read each week. It consists of a new prayer each week, which aligns with the Kensington's weekly growth. 

Wanting: This donut pan! Try your hardest not to laugh at me, but I've mentioned several times before that donuts are my favorite food. Having a donut pan would mean that I could enjoy my favorite sweet treat every now and again with baked donuts instead of fried donuts. It's a win-win. 
Enjoying: The decent sleep that I've gotten lately. Granted, I have to realign my pillows in a different position each night, but it seems to keep me comfortable at night. #preggoprobz

Loving: Entirely too many Etsy baby shops. Kensington stole my heart forever ago, and all I want to do is buy the world's cutest things for her. Like this, this, and this.

Wondering: If anyone else on Planet Earth is super excited about House of Cards season 3 like I am!? My favorite part of the show is when Frank Underwood looks at the camera and talks to us like we're a part of the show. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it. The first two seasons are on Netflix and the third season comes out Friday!
Praying: I am constantly thinking about and praying for all of my TTC sisters as they work through fertility struggles. Just to name a few: Amie just transferred two embryos last week, Elena is getting closer to starting her newest round of IVF, and Laynah is not pursuing treatment at this time, but will in the future. I would love to pray for you if you're also struggling! Some blogger friends have emailed me with prayer requests, but I didn't want to expose you on my blog in case you weren't comfortable with that. Just know I'm praying!

Wearing: Totally inappropriate clothing considering the cold and drizzly weather outside. My heart is set on maxi dresses and flip flops. Is that so wrong?

Giggling: I totally posed like this whenever I was 15. Poor girl.


  1. How does that pose even work?? I'm so confused!! haha. I never got into House of Cards but I hear it's really good. Might have to check it out. Have a great rest of the week!!

  2. Oh what a sweetheart of you to mention me :) Thank you so much for the prayers and I am praying for and your sweet girl too!! I think Practical Jokers is hilarious!! Sometimes they do stuff that maybe isn't too funny but most of the time they do not disappoint.

  3. That pose! LOL! If I have a child, I am scared for the money I will spend on all the cute stuff!!! Like how can you contain yourself?!?! And I am ready to wear some dresses again. Pants are overrated. And confining. Just awful!!!

  4. Um that pose almost made me gag, so weird.

  5. I totally just bookmarked a donut pan the other day!!! I think some serious donut making needs to be going on ;)

  6. I always tell Jared he better pray we have a boy first ;) Even though YES I will still wanna buy tons of stuff, there are just TOO MANY accessories for the girls haha... we'd be broke!

  7. We are SO EXCITED for House of Cards on Friday!! We've already planned to get our favorite carry out and then binge watch it all night long!

  8. Homemade donuts sound like they'd be amazing! You should get the pan. Man, I so tried to get into House of Cards and I just couldn't. I feel like a bad person saying that...I don't know why. Your little Kensington is going to be the cutest!