Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pinterest Has Been Rocking My Life Lately

Per usual, Pinterest has been rocking my life lately. I wanted to share my favie recent pins.

In a sick way, this reminds me of 
Kensington and myself. She and I will
be partaking in all things mommy-and-me.
If it's baked, that means it's better
for you, right? That's what I'm
telling myself anyways.
I fully plan to make these asap.
This is just overwhelmingly cute.
I'll help you, little panda.
I think Kensington needs this in her
life, and in her nursery. Such a
cute idea. And it looks fairly
simple to make.
I've pretty much got my heart
set on hiring a Birth Photographer.
I know to some people this probably
sounds so strange, but these type
of pictures completely 'wow' me.
You can just feel the love in the
pictures, and I want nothing more
than to document Kensington's
arrival in this world.
On another note, I will be sharing my SOAP's again. Not sure what a SOAP is? No worries. Just go here where I explain it a little more. Our church small group took a tiny break from SOAP's towards the end of last year but I am happy that we're getting back into it. I think it keeps me more accountable.

Romans 1:12 – “that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.”

Being around other Christ followers is a good thing and can bring about encouragement.

It’s been almost a year since we joined the small group and our life has been impacted in a great way. God has used each person in the group to encourage us and show love. I fully understand the importance of having a church family and surrounding myself with other Christ followers.

God, thank you for our small group. Thank you for reminding me, yet again, that through fellowship, our lives are much more enhanced. Thank you for the encouragement that we have and continue to receive through these friendships. 


  1. Ahhhh! That first photo is hilarious! I think hiring a birth photographer to capture those moments would be amazing, but I don't know that I'd want anyone else in the room! Good luck!!! :) also, that panda is making my life!!!! :)

  2. Dying after that first photo, hilarious, lady!!!!

    Those donuts look yummy and that panda is so cute!

    Love your SOAP! I've realized that being around like minded people Christians is good for my soul! :) <3 you!

  3. Hahaha- seriously, please replicate that first picture when miss Kensington gets here!!! ;)

  4. OMG! That first picture is HILARIOUS! I can't stop looking at it!

  5. Those donuts look delicious!!! And I say do what you want to do! Get a birthing photographer! It is a truly beautiful thing about life, no weirdness.

  6. There is nothing better than a mama + matching mini!! I do it all the time :) It's so fun!!!

  7. I've often thought of the whole birth photographer thing. To me giving birth is the same as getting married. It's such a cherished experience someone should be there to take pictures of all the "action". Just stay above the knees. :)