Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 30 + GIVEAWAY

How far along: 30 weeks! It's hard to believe that there's only 70 days until my Princess' due date. But who's counting, right?

Baby Size: At the anatomy scan last week, my doc thinks Kensie is about 3-4 pounds. Her daddy was a large baby too - 9 pounds and 14 oz. And yes, I did get a lecture from my doctor. Words of advice: don't ever tell your doctor you want a chubby baby. He will not approve.
Gender: A princess :) 

Movement: Lots of movement, which I adore. Kensington is getting more controlled with her body parts though. Whenever I need a good laugh, I will lay down on my side and just watch her go crazy kicking me. It's probably my favorite thing ever to do!

Best moment this week: Getting that much closer to meeting my baby girl. Each week is such a blessing!
Looking forward to: Today hubby and I will be seeing our princess in 3D for the first time and I am super duper excited. We bought a package that also allows us to have a DVD of the session, so if I can figure out a way to upload it, I will be sharing that on my blog too!
What I miss: I miss silly things like hot dogs and cookie dough. But I can totally deal without it.
Symptoms: Not sure if this counts as a symptom, but I felt Kensie hiccup for the first time last week and then again yesterday. Also, Kensington enjoys putting her feetsies right underneath mommy's ribs. 
Nursery: 99% done. Just adding the final touches. Sometime in April I will reveal her nursery! Who is excited???

Wedding rings on or off? Two of the three rings are on: my engagement ring and wedding band. The ring guard (which goes around the engagement ring) is now off. It is just too tight with all three rings on. 

Daddy-isms: My favorite thing lately is hearing my hubby talk to others about our little girl. He lights up :)

Prayer: Dear God, I continue to pray for health for both Kensington and I. Will you please cover us with protection as we finish up the last 10 weeks and approach labor/delivery? Kensie is a child of God and she was made in Your most perfect name. I cast down all negative thoughts about our health and rest assured that You will take care of us. I pray all of these things, trusting in you God. Amen.


On another note, who is in the mood to win $125? If you are, then you should enter the giveaway below. I am already daydreaming of all the baby things I could buy for Kensington if I won. Buutttt, since I'm a host of the giveaway, I will refrain from entering so you have a better chance of winning yourself :) Good luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday

I am linking up for Thoughts for Thursday!

+ Quite literally, I just squeal every time I find cute mommy-and-me things. I about died whenever I saw these beauties for less than $12 a piece. Yes please. Can't wait for them to arrive so Kensie and I can eventually match.
+ I'm so serious when I say that Chewy.com is where it's at. My girls love their new Salmon flavored treats that we received. We always try to give them grain-free products because of their sensitive skin, so these do the job and the girls seem to love them.
+ I'm the kind of preggo that doesn't break any rules (ex: no caffeine, no sips of alcohol, etc). That being said, I have totally been craving the taste of a margarita. However, I don't trust restaurants to make them (mainly out of fear that they may accidentally put alcohol in it). Anyways, I have been eyeing a few drink recipes that I saw on Pinterest (here, here, and here) and will definitely be trying these virgins soon!
+ House of Cards season three is intense! Hubby and I finished the season on Tuesday and now we're on pins and needles wondering what season four is going to be like. P.S. if you haven't jumped on the HOC bandwagon, you're totally missing out!
+ I have been thinking about Kesnie's upcoming arrival in 11 short weeks and I am starting to plan out what to pack in our hospital bags. I have seen tons of lists on Pinterest which I plan to use as a guideline, but I would like to ask the recent/new mommies out there: what was ONE THING (please don't list out a million things, haha) that you were super glad you packed?
+ I am obsessing over my Maybooks, which just arrived yesterday. I can't wait to fill them up!
+ Hubby and I are going to be doing a one-night Babymoon getaway here soon. We're gonna stay within Texas to save some money, but I am still excited. If you live in Texas, do you have any suggestions? It can be Houston, Dallas, or Austin. I have a couple of places in mind, but wanted to get y'alls feedback.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How To: Design And Upload A Header In Blogger

Years ago, I taught myself HTML. Who knew, right?! I used to memorize codes and hex colors for the heck of it. Now-a-days, I don't memorize any codes (they've all slipped my mind anyways), but I can read a decent amount of HTML. Hence why I've been able to get by without ever paying a blog designer for my layouts. I simply design my own and it's completely free. 

I am totally in support of blog designers, because what they do is awesome, but if you have some extra time to work on your blog alone, why not give it a go? I think it's more fun anyways. Today I'll share one of the more simple things about creating your own blog: how to design and upload a header.

First off, it should be known that PicMonkey.com is the best resource ever. I do everything through this website! And it's completely free. I do, however, pay a small annual fee to get the upgraded fonts and editing resources. I think it's money well spent. If you're super unsure how to use their site, you can check out this entire page dedicated to tutorials. (I swear they're not paying me to advertise them - I just really like their site!)

Anyways, once I knew I was going to change from Texas Mrs. to Mrs. Southern Mama, I knew I wanted to switch up the design so I headed over to PicMonkey. I am happy to write a more lengthy post about how to design my exact header (as an example), but I will try to keep things basic today.

STEP ONE (design): Go to PicMonkey.com. Hover your mouse over the word "design". Your screen should look like the image below. Then simply select one of the designs to work with. It doesn't matter which one you use because you'll be cropping anyways. I just used the "Facebook cover" design.
Once you open your canvas, you can use the buttons on the left of the screen to create what you want. The 'Tt' button will be your texts. The butterfly button is where you can add pictures of your own, or use images that PicMonkey has stored. After you've created a masterpiece, just hit 'save' at the top center. I would use .png format when saving!
STEP TWO (upload): Go to your blogger dashboard. Click on "layout" on the left side of the screen.
Once the layout page loads, click on "edit" on the header gadget. If you don't see an option to edit your header like have displayed, then you should at least have the option to "add a gadget" on this page.
Once you click "edit" on this page, a new window pops open and you will simply upload an image here that you want to use. Click on "instead of title and discretion" to ensure that this is your only header. You may have to play around the with sizing (either make it larger or smaller) depending on what the rest of your blog looks like. My header dimensions are 1000 x 283.
Simply click "save" to save your work. Refresh your blog and it should be appearing. 

If you don't like the sizing. or want to upload something different, click on the "remove image" button (you can see this in the image above) and simply re-upload a different image.

Happy creating! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Respect The Brunch

I am the biggest sucker for brunch. I mean REALLY. Is there anything better??? Therefore, I am claiming it today: I love brunch more than anyone else that I know. Yea, I said it. Basically what I'm saying is that if you're ever in Austin and invite me to brunch, I will say yes. Anyways, I could go on and on about the best brunch locations in Austin, but here are just a few!
Though we haven't tried their brunch yet, over the weekend, hubby and I were seriously contemplating it. Before Kensie was inside my belly, we had been to Bangerz for the alcohol selection and the various appetizer options. I am hoping to make it back to Bangers soon in order to try out their steak and eggs (omg)!
Yesterday, hubby and I went downtown and we passed this place as we were looking for a new restaurant to try out. Unfortunately they had just stopped serving brunch when we were passing by. What a huge bummer. After looking up their menu items, I decided that we absolutely will be going there in the near future. Can.not.wait.
This place is far too convenient not to go all the time. They have a huge selection in their line of goodies, but I tend to always go for the same things: migas, sausage, potatoes, and biscuits/gravy. (They are all divine, lemme tell you!) I feel less guilty about gorging on their yummy food since they are considered a farm-to-table restaurant.
Still my favorite of all time, this place not only has an awesome environment, but their food is probably the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. So serious right now. For my out-of-the-state bloggy friends, if you ever come to Austin, you absolutely have to make a stop here. It will change your life! I can't even pick a favorite item to tell you about, because it's all good.
Eating here basically gives me a valid excuse to have Mexican food at 10am without any judgement. Plus, they offer bottomless mimosas. Last time I checked, nothing is better than that. Obvi while I'm preggers and nursing, I will be consuming the virgin options (aka orange juice). They have a few locations around Austin but we always prefer the downtown location for it's scenery! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday: Confessions

Linking up for Five on Friday and Oh hey, Friday today!

ONE. I confess that sometimes I wish I lived in Charleston, SC because of how southern it is there. Ever since the TV show Southern Charm first came on Bravo, I have been obsessed and secretly wanting to move there. However, I don't think I could truly ever leave Texas unless my hubby and I had an amazing opportunity somewhere outside the state. A girl can dream.
TWO. I confess that What Alice Forgot was one of the better fictional books that I've read in a long time. I found myself always wanting to read more to figure out what was going to happen next. The epilogue gave me closure and made me smile. Now onto the next book!
THREE. I confess that even though I'm 7 months pregnant, I still have baby fever. I am very much looking forward to the day when Kensie Grace is fully grown and ready to make her debut into the world (don't come early, Kensie)! Maybe then, my baby fever will lighten up.
FOUR. I confess that I never knew Chick Fil A had buffalo sauce for dipping, and now that I know, I am obsessed. I crave that place far more than I should. It may go down in history as my favorite fast food place that ever existed. Chicken for days.
FIVE. I confess that I am super excited to start offering sponsorship opportunities on my blog. (I haven't done this in over 2 years!) Go HERE to buy a 200x200 ad space on my blog. And because I'm feeling generous, you can take 40% off your purchase with promo code HELLOMAMA. This means that you'll only pay $6! Hurry up though - I am only selling THREE spots! There is no expiration date currently set for the promo code, so if all three spots fill now, you can still purchase with the discount and the ad will run once the 30 day duration is up for first buyers. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Ipsy Bag

Obvi, I am obsessed with floral. So when March's Ipsy bag came in, I was like "yayayay!" Sometimes I think that I would just pay the $10 subscription fee for the bag itself. The goodies inside are just an additional perk. Amiright?

P.S. if you're unsure what Ipsy is, it's a month subscription. Sort of like a magazine subscription, except you get makeup products & a makeup bag instead. It's only $10 a month (flat) and usually arrives towards the middle of the month to my doorstep. It's definitely a very happy mail day whenever I see that my Ipsy is in!
The full size of this product is worth $60 so I was supppper excited to get this deluxe sample size in my bag this month. I love all Dr. Brandt products. In fact, I also got this product from Dr. Brandt previously and it's now my favorite pore minimizer - even more-so than the Porefessional by Benefit. 

*Full size product*
I love trying new highlighters. I figure that you can never have too many. This color is beautiful! It's currently sold out online (sad day) but you may be able to Google different people selling it!

*Full size product*
I have a slight obsession with NYX products, and even own many lipsticks in the butter collection, but I didn't have this color yet. When I first saw it, I thought it would be too dark. However, once it's applied, it's really pretty! I should have taken a picture of myself wearing it but I forgot. 

A concealer is just a concealer, right? Well I thought so too but I was looking over the ingredients in this product and it contains aloe, chamomile, green tea, tea tree oil and vitamin E. Sounds like a winner to me. They sent me the medium shade, but I really needed the light shade. So I may have to find someone to trade with.

I own a few products in this line and haven't been disappointed yet. I haven't actually gotten to try this cleanser but fully intend to sometime this week! This line is good for people with sensitive skin, which is yours truly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 28

In case you missed the announcement, read more about my blog name change HERE!
Dress: Old Navy (non-maternity) / Cardigan: Old Navy
How far along: 28 weeks. Can you believe there's only 12 weeks left until Kensie's due date?!?!?!

Baby Size: About 2.5 pounds, and 16 inches from head to toe.
Gender: A baby girl! 

Movement: Homegirl moves a lot, and I love every split second of it. At 28 weeks, she may start hiccuping, so I can't wait to feel that too.

Best moment this week: Passing my Gestational Diabetes test!!! Thank ya, Jesus! The main reason that I was concerned was because diabetes runs in my family, but my doctor assured me that it has nothing to do with the outcome of my glucose test. He even said that every pregnancy is different, meaning that I could potentially development it in future pregnancies. So interesting. Just glad that I am still processing sugars normally now that I'm pregnant with Kensington. 
Looking forward to: Next week because we're having our second anatomy scan! It's been about 2 months since I've seen my baby girl on an ultrasound, so I am just so stinking excited.
What I miss: NOTHING. So thrilled to be in my third trimester. Praying for continued comfort and growth for my baby girl. I am willing to take on any discomfort for my princess. 
Symptoms: I have been feeling like it's a little tougher to breathe just because she seems to be sitting up so high. But that's about it.
Nursery: Thanks to my in-laws, we got the topper to our changing table over the weekend. Hubby assembled that and now all it's missing is the changing pad. Once I get that and hang up the rest of the decorations on the wall, her nursery will be finished!!! Can you believe it?!

Wedding rings on or off? Partially on/partially off. I have three pieces to my rings: an engagement ring, a wedding band, and a guard that goes around my engagement ring. I can no longer wear my guard because it makes the ring too thick. My engagement ring and wedding band are still on, but they're tight!

Daddy-isms: Got up on Sunday morning to go get hubby and I some coffee (mine is always decaf), and as I was leaving, he wants to rub my belly. It' just little moments like that which make me so happy. I am getting more and more excited to see Kensie and daddy fall in love!

Prayer: Thank you so much, Jesus, for getting us to this point in the pregnancy. I couldn't feel more blessed. I am praying for continued growth for my baby girl. As she starts to develop a more consistent sleep cycle, I pray that her dreams are filled with thoughts of her creator. I pray for Kensington's development too - that she will grow to be a healthy little girl upon her due date. Lord, will you please have you hand over Kensington and I? Thank you for your love and mercy. In Jesus' name I pray, amen!

Texas Mrs. is now Mrs. Southern Mama

I tend to think of myself as rather tech-savvy... but this whole transition from one blog name/one domain to another has been super tricky. Please bear with me while I figure all of this out. I am praying that I don't have too many issues now and also in the future. Anyways, I guess I should back up a little and do a little explaining.

Texas Mrs. is now...

A few things to note:
  • I am going to design a new layout soon, so this isn't the final product yet. However I wanted to at least get the name updated.
  • If you ever want to redirect one domain to another (like I did), the process is very tricky, BUT I think I've figured it out. I cannot say enough good things about the tech guy at Google whom I spoke with. He helped me log into my domain account (when I couldn't remember the username or password) and then showed me how to redirect everything from www.TexasMrs.com to www.MrsSouthernMama.com. Hoorah.
  • I've always claimed that being a wife and a momma are the two most important things to me. All glory goes to God for his mercy and love towards me for fulfilling these desires of my heart. Hence why I felt it necessary to update my blog name.
I had been thinking about changing my name for a while and I randomly just decided to sit down and do it yesterday. I am dropping the "Texas" out of my name (although Texas owns my heart; I decided to be a little more generic with "southern") and adding in "mama" because it's equally important as being a Mrs.

In other news (and while I try to figure this whole shenanigan out), go check out my 28 week bumpdate! Can you believe that today marks 7 months of pregnancy!? I couldn't feel more blessed! THANK YOU GOD!

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Very Happy Weekend

My birthday weekend was supreme. I tell ya. It was filled with a lot of good food (to also include sweets because I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST). I was so anxious about it but so thankful that my body is still processing sugars and carbs the same as it did before pregnancy. The drink wasn't bad either. It just tasted like a flat orange soda with entirely too much syrup in it. 

I spent Friday enjoying my day off by shopping and meeting up with hubby for lunch. I have officially decided that Salata is my most favorite place ever. I would eat there every single day if I could, but they're just a bit too pricy to be eating out all the time. I still have intentions of going to my other favorite place (Z Tejas) soon to enjoy a belated birthday meal.

Also worthy of being noted, I am officially obsessed with Consignment Sales. Not that Kensington needs any more clothes, but omigosh, I found the most darling outfits ever. Take a look.
I actually went back to the Consignment Sale the next day too and ended up buying a few more outfits. I forgot to take pictures though - whoopsie. Anyways, pretty much every outfit was $3-6 a piece, which was a steal. And they are all in perfectly good condition! I would say that my birthday money was well spent.

Other than the eating and shopping that I did, I spent a little time reading. I am almost done with What Alice Forgot and I cannot wait to see how it ends! Hopefully I will have time this week to finish it out.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Five On Friday: BIRTHDAY!

Hip hip hoorah! Today, March 13, Kensington and I are celebrating my 28th birthday. Granted - she doesn't realize that she's celebrating. But knowing her, once I take a bite out of my free Gigi's birthday cupcake, she will be bouncing around and know that something is up. 
Speaking of sweet things, I am going to savor every bite of sweet treats while I can. I am taking my gestational diabetes screening today and am praying that I pass. As soon as I know, I'll update everyone!
I just bought three new floral dresses (herehere, and here) and I'm in lurve with them. I've always loved floral. Ross isn't the biggest fan. But with a new girl moving into our house soon (aka Kensington), floral is gonna take over eventually. I'll even hint at this: you'll be seeing a lot of floral in Kensie's nursery. 
P.S. PinkBlush Maternity restocks often, so if you want these dresses too, just add yourself to the 'notify me' list!
Thanks to y'alls suggestions, I just purchased two new books which I excited to start: The Husband's Secret and The Girl On The Train. I am seriously so grateful to have extra time outside of work to read. It's becoming one of my favorite things to do! It keeps me occupied while Kensie brews in my belly.
May Designs is having a 50% off sale site wide and you know yours truly took advantage. If you've been eyeing one of these babies, I recommend you jump on it now. How adorbz are these?