Thursday, March 5, 2015

On Spoiling Your Furry Children

First off... can we take a second to talk about how cute my girls are in this video? I may have been taunting them a little bit when their new treats that arrived from Zoey (the tan/white babe) usually does this thing where she starts walking backwards when she's really excited. She started to do a mini version of that in the video. Silly, really.
Anyways, I totally believe in spoiling those whom you love (even your furry children), so when their new bones arrived, I couldn't wait to give them one! The best part about these new yummies are that they clean the girls' teeth, and most importantly, it freshens their no-good breath.
We also buy the Blue Buffalo brand for their doggie food (this kind), and I was right to assume that they'd like the bones just as much! Basically, what I'm saying is that if you want to spoil your furry children rotten, I would recommend these Blue Buffalo bones

These bones have even become a laughing matter between hubby and I. Each day after work, he'll ask the girls, "did y'all brush your teeth yet?" That's my cue to either say "yes, I've given them their bone" or "no, they still need a bone."

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  1. We buy our dogs the Freedom line from Blue Buffalo too! Only the best for my babies :) They eat the lamb version, one of my dogs has lots of allergies. High maintenance! Your girls are so cute in the video! My little Mac walks backwards when he gets excited as well!!

  2. Your dogs are so cute!! What kind are they?

  3. Every time I go into the pet store I come out with handfuls of toys, I can’t help it! Pups deserve the best too, right!? Your pups are adorable! Must have been like Christmas morning for them getting that delivery!

  4. I need a puppy!!! Your post isn't helping! ;)

  5. I love spoiling my fur children! They love it!!

  6. We love Chewy. We have to order really expensive supplements for one of our cats and they have it for SO CHEAP!