Friday, March 6, 2015

Sappiness + A Birthday Wish List

Seeing as how almost 28 years ago (on March 13th), I was exiting my mom's body, I think that calls for a blog post dedicated to baby pictures of yours truly, plus a list of things that I'm crushing on and would happily accept for my birthday.
But first... a bit of sappiness.

Is it just me, or do birthdays take on a whole new meaning once pregnant? It's hard to totally comprehend, but I was once somebody's baby girl. And now, nearly 28 years into my life, I am growing a baby girl too. And she'll be my little girl forever and ever. God's ways are truly awe inspiring. Anyways, the moral of the story is that I am grateful. Birthdays are cool. 

Now, my wish list. Let's do this.


  1. Love Love the baby diary!!! So Cute :) Happy Friday

  2. That bag is perfection and totally you! It's a must for sure. And that baby diary is precious!! Happy Friday, friend! :)

  3. Happy early birthday girlfriend! Friday the 13th birthday? Crazy ;) I hope you get lots of goodies on your big day! I'm loving that "home" pillow, especially!

  4. Love your list!! May Designs has free shipping today- FYI! I love their journals!

  5. I want to read Little Big Lies also. I am 25% (according to my Kindle) of the way through. I am enjoying it. I feel awful for Alice. I couldn't imagine that happening to me.