Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Texas Mrs. is now Mrs. Southern Mama

I tend to think of myself as rather tech-savvy... but this whole transition from one blog name/one domain to another has been super tricky. Please bear with me while I figure all of this out. I am praying that I don't have too many issues now and also in the future. Anyways, I guess I should back up a little and do a little explaining.

Texas Mrs. is now...

A few things to note:
  • I am going to design a new layout soon, so this isn't the final product yet. However I wanted to at least get the name updated.
  • If you ever want to redirect one domain to another (like I did), the process is very tricky, BUT I think I've figured it out. I cannot say enough good things about the tech guy at Google whom I spoke with. He helped me log into my domain account (when I couldn't remember the username or password) and then showed me how to redirect everything from www.TexasMrs.com to www.MrsSouthernMama.com. Hoorah.
  • I've always claimed that being a wife and a momma are the two most important things to me. All glory goes to God for his mercy and love towards me for fulfilling these desires of my heart. Hence why I felt it necessary to update my blog name.
I had been thinking about changing my name for a while and I randomly just decided to sit down and do it yesterday. I am dropping the "Texas" out of my name (although Texas owns my heart; I decided to be a little more generic with "southern") and adding in "mama" because it's equally important as being a Mrs.

In other news (and while I try to figure this whole shenanigan out), go check out my 28 week bumpdate! Can you believe that today marks 7 months of pregnancy!? I couldn't feel more blessed! THANK YOU GOD!


  1. LOVE the new name! It's totally you! :)

  2. The new name is perfect!! And major props on doing this all yourself!

  3. I love the new name! It is perfect for you...

  4. I love the name and new layout (even though you're not keeping all of it) but the pink and grey with the mason jars are so cute!