Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Aprils Past

Last April was a turning point for my hubby and I. I just remember feeling so 'incomplete'. We talked a lot about our next steps, and that's when we made the decision to see our fertility doctor (again). We first met with our fertility doctor between February and September 2013, but decided to break and "try natural." Yea - that didn't happen. Hence why April 2014 prompted us to see the doc again. (p.s. you can see our Trying to Conceive timeline HERE).
April 2014 - Easter Weekend

I basically explained to my husband that we had to get serious about becoming a mommy and daddy - I desired it so much. That's also around the same time that we joined our small group at church. We began to see our lives change completely after joining the small group. People were praying for us and it made us draw closer to God by being in his word more.

Who in their right mind would've known that a year later, I would be 31 weeks happily pregnant, waiting on our first child? God's timing is better than our own.

Life is not always easy (true story, my friends), but there is still hope! And technically, we should shout "Glory to God!" whenever we find ourselves in tough situations. The reason? Because God is working in us! He is in process of drawing me/you/us closer to Him during those times, which in turn produces hope! Of course, this is much easier said than done... amiright?! Anyways, I don't think it's a coincidence that my SOAP this week has everything to do with tribulations and hope. 

Romans 5:3-4
And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Going through difficult times increases our hope in God.

This verse helps me to understand why God puts us through difficult times; it’s to draw us closer to him. When I am in a difficult season of life, I try to reflect on what God may be teaching me and how it may draw me closer to Him.

God, thank you for always looking out for my best interest, even if it means putting me through a difficult situation. I know that each difficult road will draw me closer to you and strengthen my hope in your promise. 

Oh and HEY! Before you leave this blog post, it's been on my heart to ask for prayer requests again! I want to collect a list of prayers, print them out with your name, and post it up on my bathroom mirror so that I can pray for you every time I see it! If you don't want to share your request on my blog comments, just shoot me an email:


  1. I just love this so much. Your love for the Lord and your passion for Him is truly inspiring. I'm so happy for you and Ross, and for Kensington because she's going to have the absolute best parents that love and adore her every single day.

    I ask that you please pray for my heart. I long for the Lord and have so many questions - I'm in the process of a few new journeys in this regard and would love some prayers for peace and mostly courage to jump all in. Thanks doll!

  2. Girl, you have brought me to tears! I swear we are kindred spirits that God planned to meet and spur one another towards HIM! God calls us to call upon his name no matter what we are going through, whether it's through the hard or good times! Thank you for encouraging me in that. My prayers request is for Kyle and i through our journey to baby #2. That I would remain positive and not allow Satan to creep in and feed me the lies of "just because it worked the first time, doesn't mean it'll work this time" and that I would handle the process well and stay calm. Also that we would make the best decision for us with God's guidance in regards to # of embryos to thaw and transfer. Thank you for the prayers!

  3. Your passion for the Lord is so inspiring! I need that push of encouragement like this :) I think it's very sweet of you to offer prayers for all of us! I'd like to ask for prayers that I just trust what the Lord has in store for us regarding our pregnancy. Before each appointment I am a nervous wreck! Tomorrow is our next appointment and we are praying our little baby is growing still.

  4. I love your passion :) You are right where you are supposed to be at all times!

  5. Love this post! Very true indeed. We need to be able to confide in him regardless of our situation. That shows how truly dedicated we are to him.

  6. Romans is my favorite book in the Bible -- I find myself ALWAYS turning to it! You're such an inspiration. I love your idea of taking prayer requests -- thanks for being so kind :) I'd like to ask you to pray for multiple people I know going through some serious illness...also, wedding season is about to start and I'm kinda stressing. I know God can help with my random anxiety/stress, but prayers rock. Thanks girl!!!!! <3

  7. You are so awesome and sweet. I have learned so much from you already on this journey!

  8. I love this post! I couldn't agree more with you that through the struggles it brings us closer to God and all things come in his time! It took three long years to conceive our son but we were blessed for me to be able to become a stay at home mom. If we had gotten pregnant right away this wouldn't have been possible for our family. Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy the time flies by too fast!
    You are so sweet to take prayer requests. I would ask you to pray for a family that recently lost their 13 year old son, I don't know all the details just their request to be uplifted in prayer during this tragic time.

    1. Thanks for giving me your prayer request... I will add that family to my prayer list right now <3