Monday, April 20, 2015

Hi Weekend, Bye Weekend

I normally don't believe in weekend recaps (they seem redundant if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram), although I used to write them all the time. None the less, I feel like it's completely necessary to share my weekend with y'all! It was pretty supreme. 

Catching up on The Blacklist was first on my to-do list. I managed to finish Season One and I am super excited to get caught up on the current season. I have my speculations about Tom and Reddington... so we'll see what happens! 

Then, Saturday morning, I got ready for my first baby shower! It was hosted by my coworkers. As I was driving there, I started crying tears of joy. I was listening to "Shoulders" by For King And Country and I was reminded that God got me to this point; I owe Him everything... He gets the glory. Saturday was all about honoring my baby girl. It was so special. In case there was any doubt, I was on Cloud 9. The food was delish (it was a brunch theme), the gifts were perfect, and the activities were a blast.
I had intentions of watching the season premiere of Orphan Black on Saturday but I completely forgot to record it. Whoops! Instead, hubby and I ate a little Torchy's Taco and went grocery shopping. This is real life, y'all. We are super exciting - I know.

Sunday morning was spent oohing & aweing over the Lilly line at Target. I'm not sure why - but I was under the impression that Lilly would be a permanent part of Target. Silly me. But, it turns out that they don't plan to restock anything. What a bummer. Luckily, I did pick up a few beauties. My Target stores (I went to two different ones) weren't even busy. I was one lucky gal. I got to the first Target at 8:15am and the second one at 9:15am. I only had my eyes on the toddler & women clothing; I didn't really care to purchase anything else.
After the Lilly haul, we went to church. One part of the message stood out to me in particular. 

Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast. From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God. - Psalm 22: 9-10. Having our pastor read this verse was just another beautiful reminder that Kensington was created by God in His most perfect timing.

Sunday ended with the CMA's. I obvi love country music, so I was in heaven. My favorite part was seeing the more distinguished artists like Reba, Brooks & Dunn, and Alabama. Fun fact: Hubby and I's first dance at our wedding was "There's No Way" by Alabama. I have a special place in my heart for 80's an 90's country music. I also really liked Sam Hunt's performance!

So what was your weekend like? Did you get some goodies from the Lilly for Target line? Did you watch the CMA's?


  1. How exciting, your first shower!!! :) I love your Lilly picks, too cute! I hope you have a great week.

  2. That's so much fun going to your first shower!! You looked amazing and I love your dress! I for some reason, thought the Lilly line was at least semi-permanent as well... I was very disappointed to find that out and all the employees that I asked "when's the next shipment" probably got a good chuckle

  3. I am so excited you got matching Lilly :) It is the best

  4. The blacklist is amazing! You're in for a big surprise. Lol! You look stunning in your shower photos. Glad you had fun and enjoyed your moment. Live your new buys so jealous that girls have cute outfits.

  5. You looked beautiful!! So glad the shower went well and that you were able to snag some Lilly goodies! If ONLY Target would make it a permanent line :)

  6. You look so pretty and happy ... Have a safe delivery..

  7. I LOVE that song "shoulders"!! Isn't it so amazing?! Sometimes I'll just break down in tears worshipping in my car and I don't care who sees! You looked beautiful at your shower and YAY for matching Lilly dresses!

  8. First off, you look radiant and so filled with joy. I watched most of the CMAs. I too am a 80s and 90s country kinda gal. I loved seeing Garth's tribute to the soldiers and also Taylor Swift's mom presenting the award to her. I'm not sure why I feel this way, but to me, Miranda Lambert seemed a little distracted and off her game. Her singing was great but in her many award speeches she seemed almost disinterested. I may have looked to deep or perhaps she was having a bad day (us girls can sure have those). I'm not sure but I love her any and always.