Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 32

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Dress: Kohls
How far along: 32 super happy weeks!

Baby Size: About 17 inches according to my baby apps.
Gender: A mini ME! 

Movement: Homegirl is always moving. I have particularly loved the feelings lately. She is head down and pushes her booty up against my ribs. She also pushes her back against the ride side of my belly. The left side of my belly doesn't get as much action. I think that's also where my placenta is. I have a fundal anterior placenta. Anyways, I really enjoy imagining what it's like for Kensington inside my womb and it makes me smile. I LOVE CARRYING MY BABY. I love having her with me anywhere and everywhere I go.

Best moment this week: For some reason, I have just really been looking forward to 32 weeks of pregnancy. It just sounds good on the ears. It's so hard to believe how close we're getting to her due date, but I am sure excited. Each week gets more and more exciting. 

Looking forward to: The next three Saturdays are baby showers for ME. Anyone else who has had fertility struggles knows how exciting this is. I will get honored at THREE showers all because of my little miracle. To say I'm excited is an understatement. 
What I miss: Not much that I can think of right now. I am so grateful my pregnancy has been so awesome. I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant. I love it. Have I mentioned that I love it?!
Symptoms: Sure, I can't sleep. Sure, I am super uncomfortable. Sure, my feet swell every day. But it's all good. It's worth it.
Nursery: I promise that I'll be sharing pictures this month! I am mainly waiting on my showers because there are just a few odds and ends items that I need (ex: changing pad). I want the nursery to be 100% complete before I snap pictures for y'all! 

Wedding rings on or off? They've been off for a week now. I broke down and bought a fake $12 set from Kohls the other day. I just feel naked without any rings on.

Daddy-isms: Daddy put a picture of Kensington at his desk at work and texted me his view. It made my heart melt. I know my husband more than anyone else knows my hubby, and I can assure you - he has NO IDEA what's gonna hit him when he sees our baby girl. I know that he is going to fall head over heels for her. I think it's normal for dads not to fully "get it" during the pregnancy. But once Kensie Grace is here in person, I know she will consume his heart. 

Prayer: Thank you, God, for blessing me with Kensington. Each jab in the ribs gives me joy. Each hiccup feels like a miracle is happening over and over. Each and every day, I am grateful. And it's all because of you. You have blessed me all because you love me and wanted to fulfill my heart's desire. I am indebted to you and pray that I will shine your love every chance possible. I also pray for Kensington to know you once she enters this world. I pray that she will follow you all of her days.


  1. 32 weeks?!?! I feel like just the other day you were posting 20 something weeks. My goodness, time is going quick!! I hope you have an amazing time at all three of your showers, you deserve this happiness :) Soak it up!

  2. I love your attitude about pregnancy! Are you uncomfortable, yes, are you happy to go through it because of the blessing within, yes! I started swelling this week, thanks SC heat, and I couldn't get my rings on this morning. I'm definitely planning a shopping trip for a fake one, I keep freaking out when I see they aren't on.

  3. Ahhh, cannot believe how close you're getting! You look awesome and I cannot wait to hear all about your showers. I hope you and Kensie get spoiled rotten! ;)

  4. 32 weeks already?! You are getting so close to having that sweet baby girl in your arms! I hope you have a blast at your upcoming showers!

  5. You are almost there. I am 2 weeks behind you it seems like time is starting to fly by. hope you enjoy your baby showers and can't wait to read all about them on your page.

  6. I was just going through my old post and saw your comment about waiting on your baby in July 2014. Now here you are blessed and expecting very soon. Congrats!

  7. 32 weeks is so exciting! I'm so proud for y'all. I can't wait to hear all about your baby showers. We are having one at work today. The poor mama can't even come because of her blood pressure. Thankfully her mother and her daughter in second grade are going to fill in for the gift opening.

  8. You look so amazing!!!! Ahh getting so close :)