Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Mother's Day

Well, it's official. My first Mother's Day couldn't have been any more special.

I woke up to a hug and a kiss from my husband wishing me a happy Mother's Day, followed by text messages from my mom, stepmom, close friends, and other family members wishing me the same. It was special from beginning to end.

We started out our morning with church. We've been watching church from home a lot lately (they live stream it!) since my feet and ankles are always swollen, but I had a hankering to go in-person for the special day. Every single person that we walked by smiled big at me and expressed their excitement for my first Mother's Day. What I loved most about the service was that our pastors recognized and prayed for women struggling with infertility. I spent most of the service praying for those women rather than rejoicing in my success. I know the pain, and just last Mother's Day, I was begging God for a baby to be placed in my womb. This year at church, I found myself crying again, but out of pure joy for His mercy and love.

After church, we headed to my hometown, which isn't a far drive at all. My little brother was off work, plus my older brother & his wife were in town, so it was a good opportunity get together. We ate Mexican food (what's new?), took some family photos, and mom gave us a new carseat that she bought for Kensie!
When we got home, I took a much needed nap while hubby installed the carseats into our cars. So blessed to have two carseats!!! We are borrowing the green one from our friends since their 18 month old has a larger carseat, but we'll get to keep the black one for all of our kiddos. 
Once I woke up from my nap, my hubby installed Kensie's video monitor for her room and I opened the gifts that he got for me. Each gift that he purchased had a specific purpose behind it:

Flowers & Card - Because I love flowers and his sweet words. The card was so perfect!!!
Wine - To drink post-pregnancy. Doesn't need much explanation :)
Dr. Pepper - To drink post-pregnancy since I don't consume caffeine while Kensie is brewing in my belly. I have been craving a big gulp of this stuff.
Chips -  Because I love salty things, but have been watching my sodium intake while preggers due to swelling. These will be eaten post-pregnancy :)
Babies R Us Gift Card - To buy Kensie gifts, because hubby knows that it's my favorite thing to do!
Schlotzsky's Gift Card - Because I've been craving a sandwich throughout my whole pregnancy but refuse to eat any lunchmeat (even if cooked) due to the risk of listeria. This will be used post-pregnancy.
Advil Liquid Gels (not pictured) - Because hubby knows I much prefer Advil over Tylenol for aches/pains. This is for post-pregnancy. 
Stuffed Flower (not pictured) - A gift for Kensington's nursery, seeing as how Kensie is the one who will be calling me mama.
To end my day, I found out that I won an Instagram giveaway. SO EXCITED. I feel like the luckiest momma in the world. I won a teepee for Kensington's room (here) and a $250 Nordstrom's gift card. As you can probably imagine, my first Mother's Day was FULL OF BLESSINGS. 

Enough talk about my weekend. Can we chat about the fact that I've been super MIA in blogging lately? I have been spending all of my free time nesting and prepping our home for baby girl. It's so hard to believe that Kensie Grace's due date is only 4 weeks away. Anyways, please forgive me if I'm slow to respond to emails.



  1. That sounds like a great Mother's Day!

  2. Sounds like the perfect first mother's day! And congrats on the gift card too, how awesome!!!! Hope you have a great week :)

  3. Yay for ur first mothers day! Sounds like u were showered with lots of love.

  4. Happy Mother's Day! I love that you got a lot of presents to enjoy post-baby arrival. Lots to look forward to.

  5. Congrats on your Instagram giveaway win. That's huge. Still wishing & hoping I'll win something one day. Happy first mom's day. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  6. Amen on the advil and lunch meat! Although now I find cold cut turkey just not as good as I remember.

  7. Such a perfect first Mother's Day weekend! So many sweet gifts from your husband - he's a keeper :) Only a few more weeks mama!

  8. I'm so glad you got spoiled and showered with love on your first Mama's Day!!! :) So happy for this blessing in your life, friend. And holy crap on the giveaway win! THAT IS AWESOME!!!

  9. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day for sure!

    The Mrs. & Co.

  10. So glad your 1st Mother's Day was so great… next year will be so special! All the gifts from your hubby are so sweet and I love that you guys installed the car seats ON Mother's Day! So exciting you won the giveaway too!

  11. Whoa! What an awesome giveaway to win!!! I'm so glad that your Mother's Day was so perfect. Your hubby is so sweet. Your text came at just the perfect time that day :) You really made me feel special and encouraged...I am so grateful for you, Allison.