Sunday, June 28, 2015

What I've Learned In The Second Half Of Pregnancy (Weeks 20-39)

I previously blogged about the things I learned in the first half of pregnancy (here), so I figured it was only fitting to share what I've learned in the second half of pregnancy! 


Numbness + Carpal Tunnel - Because my uterus began pushing on certain nerves and other body parts, I found that my hands eventually went numb in the second half of my pregnancy, plus I developed carpal tunnel in my right hand (my dominant hand). To help cope, I wore a brace for the last couple of weeks.
Bloody Nose - Luckily, I never had any bleeding come out of my nose, but I always had dried blood inside my nose. Sorry if that's TMI! But apparently that's normal with pregnancy.

Skin Changes - I have always had very oily skin, but with my pregnancy, it seemed to clear up quite a bit. It wasn't dry and it wasn't oily - it was just perfect!

Sleep Changes - Two things that became a norm during my sleep in the second part of pregnancy: drooling and ear aches. I have no idea how these are related to pregnancy, but almost nightly I would wake up in a pile of drool on my pillow. I also found that my ears would hurt really bad, as if I was sleeping on them wrong. 

Appetite - Although you would think the opposite, I was always full during my pregnancy. I guess it's because my daughter pushed up against my stomach, making it feel smaller. I am not sure. But I could go hours upon hours without eating and be totally fine. 

Hair Changes - Before pregnancy, I had always had very thin hair. During pregnancy, I learned what it was like to have nice, thick hair. It was the best ever. Now that I'm postpartum, I hear that hair will start falling out like nobodies business. We'll see what happens. 
Stretching - When stretching, the best advice that I have is to never point your toes! It will almost always induce charlie horses (at least it did for me). Instead, I would extend the heel of my foot when I wanted a good stretch.

Swelling - Just when you think your swelling can't get any worse, it does. I had major issues with swelling and each day it seemed to get worse.


I really miss being pregnant, despite some of the more uncomfortable parts of it. I am looking forward to the day when I'll be pregnant again. However, I am so blessed to have my little girl in my arms these days and it will be nice to get my body back! Kensie and I have lots of dates planned with our jogging stroller!


  1. Wow I thought I was the only weirdo to get Charlie horse while pointing my toes to stretch.So painful. My swelling is also starting to get out of control. Lucky you got good skin changes. Mine went haywire and I ended up breaking out like a teenager in puberty. Wouldn't change it for anything. Bring her is a true blessing.

  2. I think having clear skin and thick hair for even just a little while would be awesome! Haha! Crazy how much your body can endure, and change...right??

  3. I'm scared like crazy of the hair falling out part after the baby arrives..yikes!

  4. Do you have an Instagram??? I would love to see it if you do!

  5. I just found your blog and can't wait to follow along.. I just had my first daughter on June 3rd!! I miss being pregnant too and I wish I could just be pregnant with her and have her here at the same time haha.