Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Phenomenon + Some Internet Finds

It's just so weird. Sometimes I look through old photos (just because it's fun to me) and I discover that I have a major case of, "I don't remember that" going on in my head. It's a really strange feeling to think about my life now-a-days with Kensie and compare it to life before she was here. It's like... I remember things before she was born, but I also feel like that was centuries ago. My brain has altered. I just feel like Kensington has always been in my life. And who is that Allison chick who used to watch hours upon hours of television and do what she wanted whenever she wanted? I definitely don't miss that Allison. Not for a split second. But seriously... has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? I just simply cannot remember what I did day-to-day without Kensie Girl in my life. So blessed to have her. Jesus, you are just awesome.

Speaking of how awesome Jesus is, I have been OBfreakingSESSED with Lauren Daigle lately. Easily my favorite artist right now. And this song. It gets me!
In other news, I enjoy a little Google action every now and again. Here are some goodies that I recently came across.

* Reality Steve is starting to post the spoilers for Ben H's upcoming season of The Bachelor. WOO HOO! Gimme all the spoilers.
* Some peeps believe the world is gonna end today. Yea, I don't think that's gonna happen. Sorry boutcha.
* All "bad lip-reading" videos make me LOL... this one is of the Republican presidential debate. I would LOL regardless of which political party I affiliate with.
* Laziness is so annoying to me, but these people are hilarious at being lazy. My favorite is the kid who basically drew a ladder.

Oh and can I get some type of applause for being a decent blogger the past 2 days?


  1. I hear life totally changes with a lil one, so happy for you.

  2. Woo hoo! Way to find time to get a few blog posts out - way to go mama! Also, I had never heard of Lauren Daigle but just listened to the song you posted and am now also obsessed!!! Thank you!

  3. Oh gosh I hate spoilers! I like being surprised at the end :-p