Wednesday, November 18, 2015


LITERALLY ob-freaking-sessed with Lauren Daigle's music. My favorite jam at the moment is 'Trust in You' and every time I play it, a couple of things happen:

1) I sing REALLY loud. Annoyingly loud.
2) Kensie gets really calm. She loves that jam too.
3) I feel Jesus sitting next to me.

Anyways, one part of her lyrics ("letting go of every single dream; I lay each one down at Your feet") has really spoken to me lately because I have always been a planner. Type A, fo sho. But those lyrics remind me that these plans I have in my head aren't mine to keep. I need to surrender my plans to Jesus and let him be the one who orchestrates my life. Another one of Lauren Daigle's songs made me cry today (not EVEN kidding!): "There’s not a place where I’ll go, You’ve not already stood." OMG truth right about now, amiright??? So picture this: I'm sitting in Kensie's room, holding her between my legs as we're playing and I'm worshiping. Then those lyrics. I suddenly open my eyes and look around and realize, "Oh my gracious... God was here!!!!" He was in that room, already admiring my decorating skillz (hehe kidding) knowing full well that Kensie and I would be playing in there today. He was there, in her room, long before I was pregnant. 

This realization gave me chills and made me cry! I am soooo glad MY plans didn't play out according to MY wishes. Thank God for Kensie Grace and His mercy on me! By the way, can we talk about my stinking darling 5 month old???
Anyways, plans are a funny thing.

So then I got to thinking. I was thinking about what I said I would/wouldn't do once I had a kiddo. Well, it's funny how that works out too. Here's my short but sweet list of my "plans" before I gave birth. I just LOL these days. 

Things I said I would do:
* Provide breast-milk for one year
Praise God that I had the ability to breastfeed but a few things happened that deterred me from doing so: 1) My c-section infection took precedence; My body was struggling to heal in a timely manner because of the double infection which made breastfeeding low on my priority list to say the least. 2) I had so much retained fluid that my doc put me on a diuretic which removes all excess fluid from your body. Therefore, hi breast-milk... bye breast-milk, 3) Time. It takes a lot of time to pump, which is what I was planning on doing rather than breastfeeding (this is because my nipples cracked and started bleeding terribly!). Either way, I'm not actually trying to justify my decision. I know for a fact I did what was best for lil ole Kensie G! She hearts formula and is thriving!

* Lose my baby weight immediately
I've lost it all except 10 lbs, but I will say this: even though I'm only 10 lbs away, my body is WAY different. But regardless, I'll be honest: I don't even try to lose the weight anymore, but I really should. I miss my cute old clothes! One of these days I'll get my motivation back.

Things I said I wouldn't do:
* Let my kid watch TV until they were at least 2 years old
Um yea right. I am pro-TV when I need a quick mommy minute in the bathroom, or just need to wash bottles before my child gets hungry again. Channel 1306 (Disney) for the win!

* "I'll never have a c-section"
Not that this was a choice, but I never actually though I would have to have a c-section. Let me just say that I didn't even think twice about a cesarean. I've got my small pelvic bone and large daughter to thank for that one. I certainly wish I had known about the sizing issue before I got to 10cm and started pushing for 2+ hours.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stuff Ross Says

I am copying Nadine and writing a post about a few of the ridiculous things that my hubby has said recently which has made me laugh. Some things I just can't write about because they would make no sense to other people. But, in my opinion, Ross is pretty much the funniest guy in the entire world. And since it's his birthday week (he's turning 30!), I figure this post is fitting. 

Ross: *looks at Kensington's one month picture* "Is that an edible arrangement on her head?"

Ross: *holding Kensie and she starts bouncing up and down with her legs* "Now break yo legs."  (to the tune of 'Watch Me' by Silentó).

Ross: *walking with a tray of bottles into our bedroom for Kensie's feedings overnight* "Dinner is served."

Ross: "Where is Layla?"
Me: "Under the bed. She stays under there all day."
Ross: "Do you know why?"
Me: "I don't think she likes hearing Kensie cry."
Ross: "Layla must be like, 'And because of that, I'm out.'" (Shark Tank reference)

This is more of a "Stuff Ross Did". But this is what Kensie looks like when Daddy feeds her. Thank God for mama, that's all I gotta say :-P Only kidding... daddy does a great job with K!

Monday, November 16, 2015

30 Things That I Love About My 30 Year Old Hubby!

Well my hubby is almost 30. On Sunday, we'll celebrate his birthday! Because of this awesome occasion, I have listed out 30 things that I love about my husband. Of course I could go on and on, but here are a few noteworthy things in no particular order. And pictures for effect!

1) I love that he chose me as his wife! Being his forever bride makes me smile very big!
2) I love that he wanted to have a baby with me and now we've got sweet little Kensie Grace. He loves KG very much and I love seeing Kensie look into her daddy's eyes and smile. 

3) I love his passion for work. He is literally the hardest worker that I've ever encountered.
4) I love when he asks me if I want a foot rub! *major hubby points*

5) I love that he is the most cautious driver ever (this means Kensington and I are in good hands). You should have SEEN us driving home from the hospital after I delivered KG; "Babe, I'm only taking right turns to get home." "Okay honey."

6) I love that he'll finish my food if I'm too full. I hate having extra food on my plate, but also hate to throw it away. I can't say he is too happy about this one because he likes to watch his "figure" (hehe).

7) I love that he helps out with Kensington in the middle of the night!
8) I love that he country dances with me!

9) I love his sense of style.

10) I love that he supports me working part-time at night so that I get to spend the days with our baby!

11) I love when he "talks" for Kensie or our dogs. It never gets old.

12) I love that he introduced me to Topo Chico. We're total addicts. True story: for our second anni, he bought us matching Topo Chico shirts. 
13) I love that he knows a little bit about everything. He teaches me something new all the time!

14) I love that he provides financially for our family, and that he's happy to do so.

15) I love that he prays for Kensington and I. 

16) I love his mad cooking skills. He wins in the cooking department. 

17) I love his calm & introverted demeanor. 

18) I love that he lets me kiss him every morning before work "until it feels right" (and he does so without getting frustrated with me). I've even been known to say, "wait... one more" by the time he's in his car. His patience is amazing.

19) I love that his favorite holiday is also mine - Fourth of July. Guess Kensie Grace kinda has to like Independence Day.
20) I really really love the fact that he supports me in this parenting journey and practices attachment parenting with me. Two major things that I believe in are:  a) letting Kensie sleep in our bedroom, and b) NOT letting Kensie cry-it-out. He may not 100% understand, but he supports the fact that it's what I believe in and he practices it too!

21) I love his desire to grow as a Christian.
22) I love his humor. It matches mine perfectly and I love our little inside jokes. 

23) I love his nose (which I've said many times before). Thank God that Kensie Grace got that from daddy! Pure perfection in my opinion! 
24) I love that he's always on my side.

25) I love that he's okay with taking family photos every year.

26) I love that he randomly brings flowers home for me. His theory is that he believes he can't go to the grocery store to pick up a beer for himself and come home empty handed for me.

27) I love that he's so technologically savvy. 

28) I love his thick head of hair. Lucky man, he is! Maybe Kensie will take after daddy in that department.

29) I love his dimples. OMG.

30) I love his love for me! This is huge. Since we've been together a little over 9 years and married for 4 of those years, we've changed a lot and I imagine we'll continue to change more in the future. But I can rely on the fact that despite the changes that we go through individually, he still chooses me and I choose him. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Kensington Grace: Five Months

Yes, I feel really guilty for not being a very good blogger lately. Oh my how my life is different than it was five months ago. I want to continue blogging (I genuinely do) but my time is stretched thin. I mean, I don't even have time to catch up on my DVRed shows these days, and that's even more fun than blogging to me. Anyways, I am hoping to post at least once per week, but more if I can manage it. Oh and p.s. this 5 month update is even late. Kensie G turned 5 months old on November 5th.
Weight: Not sure; our next appt is right before her 6 month check up. But I can just tell that she is getting heavier by the day. My mama muscles are getting bigger! Also, true story: I went to the doc last week and my PCP asked if I lifted weights before having a baby (which I had not), but the reason she asked is because I somehow developed tendinitis from lifting my chunker all the time. These days, I am a pro weight lifter.

Height: Also no sure, but length doesn't seem like it's changed tooooo much. But then again, I see her every day, so who knows.

Hair: Thin as ever (thanks to her mama) and still brown with hints of red (also like mama).

Eyes: Ever changing. When the light is just right, they're blue. Then they're green. Then they're gray. So there's that.

Clothes: I may or may not have cried when I packed up KG's 3 month (and some 6 month) clothing today. My girl is getting TOO BIG. It's really an emotional thing for me! But gosh, I am also soooo proud that she continues to thrive.

Diapers: We're on the verge of switching to size 3.

Sleeping: Wakes once per night. About a month ago, we let her sleep in her own room for two weeks straight and I was miserable. She didn't have any different sleeping patterns from what my hubby and I could tell while she was in her own room, but because I was so unhappy and anxious, we moved her crib into our room. SO thankful. I needed that. I love having my baby right next to me. 

Eating: After her pedi appointment last month, we introduced baby food and it's a hit! Homegirl LOVES food. Her favorite at the moment is pears, but other notable foods that she enjoys are sweet potatoes and carrots. Still gets formula at night and whenever she wants it really, but we're mainly focusing on baby foods during the day, with water to drink (to help her poop). Just being real. #momlife

Kensie's favorite things: Sitting up. Bouncing in the Einstein. Talking to mommy.

Mommy's favorite things: EVERYTHING. She literally gets more fun by the day. I honest... sincerely... definitely... feel over the moon that she's mine. I am sooo thankful!!!!!

Daddy's favorite things:  Treating her like a big kid (although mama dislikes this) by hanging her by her foot and arm. YES this has actually happened. OMG.

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Baby. Mommy's baby.

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess.

New with Kensie: Although it was after she turned 5 months, it should be noted that at 5m1d, she rolled from tummy to back, making a full roll since she's been rolling from back to tummy for a while. Also, she sits up like a champ! She rides in the big girl shopping cart and kicks her feet with pure joy. She LOVES it.

Prayer: Oh Jesus, THANK YOU so much. I was reminded again today how special my little girl is. You made her so special and it just amazes. I want to pray for her continued growth and safety. I feel SO blessed that you chose me to be her mama. I know that you made her, but I sure feel blessed knowing that I get to raise her. I just want the Glory to be yours. Thank you Jesus, THANK YOU!!!