Monday, November 9, 2015

Kensington Grace: Five Months

Yes, I feel really guilty for not being a very good blogger lately. Oh my how my life is different than it was five months ago. I want to continue blogging (I genuinely do) but my time is stretched thin. I mean, I don't even have time to catch up on my DVRed shows these days, and that's even more fun than blogging to me. Anyways, I am hoping to post at least once per week, but more if I can manage it. Oh and p.s. this 5 month update is even late. Kensie G turned 5 months old on November 5th.
Weight: Not sure; our next appt is right before her 6 month check up. But I can just tell that she is getting heavier by the day. My mama muscles are getting bigger! Also, true story: I went to the doc last week and my PCP asked if I lifted weights before having a baby (which I had not), but the reason she asked is because I somehow developed tendinitis from lifting my chunker all the time. These days, I am a pro weight lifter.

Height: Also no sure, but length doesn't seem like it's changed tooooo much. But then again, I see her every day, so who knows.

Hair: Thin as ever (thanks to her mama) and still brown with hints of red (also like mama).

Eyes: Ever changing. When the light is just right, they're blue. Then they're green. Then they're gray. So there's that.

Clothes: I may or may not have cried when I packed up KG's 3 month (and some 6 month) clothing today. My girl is getting TOO BIG. It's really an emotional thing for me! But gosh, I am also soooo proud that she continues to thrive.

Diapers: We're on the verge of switching to size 3.

Sleeping: Wakes once per night. About a month ago, we let her sleep in her own room for two weeks straight and I was miserable. She didn't have any different sleeping patterns from what my hubby and I could tell while she was in her own room, but because I was so unhappy and anxious, we moved her crib into our room. SO thankful. I needed that. I love having my baby right next to me. 

Eating: After her pedi appointment last month, we introduced baby food and it's a hit! Homegirl LOVES food. Her favorite at the moment is pears, but other notable foods that she enjoys are sweet potatoes and carrots. Still gets formula at night and whenever she wants it really, but we're mainly focusing on baby foods during the day, with water to drink (to help her poop). Just being real. #momlife

Kensie's favorite things: Sitting up. Bouncing in the Einstein. Talking to mommy.

Mommy's favorite things: EVERYTHING. She literally gets more fun by the day. I honest... sincerely... definitely... feel over the moon that she's mine. I am sooo thankful!!!!!

Daddy's favorite things:  Treating her like a big kid (although mama dislikes this) by hanging her by her foot and arm. YES this has actually happened. OMG.

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Baby. Mommy's baby.

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess.

New with Kensie: Although it was after she turned 5 months, it should be noted that at 5m1d, she rolled from tummy to back, making a full roll since she's been rolling from back to tummy for a while. Also, she sits up like a champ! She rides in the big girl shopping cart and kicks her feet with pure joy. She LOVES it.

Prayer: Oh Jesus, THANK YOU so much. I was reminded again today how special my little girl is. You made her so special and it just amazes. I want to pray for her continued growth and safety. I feel SO blessed that you chose me to be her mama. I know that you made her, but I sure feel blessed knowing that I get to raise her. I just want the Glory to be yours. Thank you Jesus, THANK YOU!!!


  1. I get emotional packing up his clothing too. I tend to convince myself some stuff still fits him until my mom tells me the clothing I gave her barely fits him. Sigh lol.

  2. My husband would kill me if I had her crib in my room so bless your sweet hubby. She is just gorgeous and getting so big!

  3. Amazing how old she is already, wow!! Love those cute legs, I so wanna squeeze em!

  4. What a cutie!!!! I can imagine that life would be a little different having that sweet girl to stare at :)

  5. Oh my goodness she is so adorable and looks just like you!!