Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kensington Grace: Six Months

We're here. This is a pretty big milestone in my eyes.

Today, my daughter is 6 months old - that's half a year. I dreamed of being a mama from the time that I was teeny tiny. I loved taking care of my dolls. When I grew up and got married, I waited patiently for the "right time" only to realize that God wanted to give me MORE - he wanted to give me Kensie in the PERFECT time. That perfect time was 6 months ago today :-) Such a blessing.

I am currently remembering the... overflowing JOY that I felt when I laid eyes on Kensie for the first time. I'm going to be short and sweet and just say that I will never forget it. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I just really need to give God the credit. Please know that this was all his plan and not my own. But thank God for his plans, because Kensie was way more than I could've imagined.

Happy half birthday, baby girl! 
Weight: 16lbs, 12oz (we always measure her in her birthday suit to get the most accurate picture)

Height: 26-something inches.

Hair: Light brown. And not too much of it :)

Eyes: Blueish grayish. Ever changing, it seems. But they are big and beautiful.

Clothes: Carters, size 9 month and Old Navy size 6-12 month.

Diapers: Size 3.

Sleeping: Wakes up twice a night. Usually around midnight and then 4 or 5am. At six months old, most babies sleep through the night. However, we are against the cry-it-out method... so I don't really expect anything different. We're here for you, baby girl! (Oh and if you're a believer of CIO - that's fine... this place is not a debate ground for what's right/what's not right. I am so confident in our decision. I know I will not regret it! Same should go  for you - you're doing what's right for your baby!)

Eating: Formula & baby food! Foods that Kensie Girl likes: pears, prunes, butternut squash, green beans, mangoes, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, and more!

Kensie's favorite things: Doing anything with mommy. Walks around the block. Sitting up. Bouncing in her Einstein bouncer. Chewing on virtually everything. 

Mommy's favorite things: I fall in love every single day (over and over) with my girl. My favorite thing at the moment is when she reaches up for me and is immediately happier in my arms. I say, "want mama?" and she smiles and reaches for me. BLESS.

Daddy's favorite things: Giving her raspberries, feeding her, shaking her favorite toy at her, and reading to her.

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Angel Baby, Perfect Angel, Angel, Baby, Mommy's Baby

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess (I love how he is so consistent and simple)

New with Kensie: She has started to develop separation anxiety, but I am happy to soothe her to remind her that I'm always there for her. Also, she sits up like a champion, and has been doing so since 4 months old. Says "mama" and "dada" perfectly, even though it's not specific. She's not doing it because she sees mama and daddy. Also, she laughs much more easier than previous months.

New with Mommy: I just added this one since I wanted to document how I was doing 6 months postpartum since I had a c-section and a rough recovery. I would say that I was "fully" recovered (if that's even possible) at 4 or 5 months postpartum, although my doc said it should've been closer to 3 months to be healed, but that's neither here nor there. A few things about my 6 month postpartum self: 1) I can't sleep on my tummy anymore even though that's the only way I slept before pregnancy. My back is forever changed. My back literally goes numb and then if I try to move, it feels like knives stabbing me in my lower back. So sad. Now-a-days, I sleep on my back or side. Sad day. 2) I have a permanent tummy pooch. What the heck. Seriously. Also, semi-related, my pre-baby panties sit exactly right on my scar, thus rubbing it, thus making it red. UGH. So there's that. 3) I went from a size 7.5 to size 9 shoe. Shoe shopping is so complicated now because I never know how things will fit. I also went from a size 4 wedding ring, to a 5.25. Granted my rings are starting to get a little loose now. We'll see what happens. 4) No more postpartum hair shedding. Finally! It has subsided and my hair shedding is more normal now.

Encouragement: I also had to add this one because there's been a piece of advice I've been meaning to share with everyone because it has stuck with me ever since the tid-bit was given to me. Here it goes: your baby/kid is never going to have this exact day again, so have a grateful heart. My baby girl will never be 6 months old again. And with the exception of tomorrow, she'll never be 6 months and 1 day old again. And the next day, she'll never be 6 months and 2 days old again. Take each and every day as a gift. There... that's my advice. It may not stick with you as deeply as it has for me, but I hope you realize (like I have) the magnitude of that statement. It has made parenting such a joyful experience for me over the past 6 months.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, as we encounter this huge milestone, I want to thank you and give you the glory. You made the sweetest tiny human ever, and I feel so grateful that you trusted ME with such a special prize. I pray for Kensington's continual development. I pray that she grows to be big and strong, patient, loving, and filled with joy. I pray that your light will shine in me so that Kensie will learn who you are early in her life. Jesus, thank you so much. Your love is amazing. My prayer is that you'd let my life be the proof of your love. I pray that others will see what a loving and merciful God you are. In Your sweet name, amen!


  1. She's such a cutie! My mom told me her feet also grew after having her first baby. There's so many things that change in our bodies that I find quite interesting.

  2. All of the heart eyes for this!!! I'm with you girl, I've wanted to be a mommy for as long as I can remember! Sweet Kensie is adorable!! xx