Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Saw The Sign

First, the meeting with our realtor went great! My hubby and I are excited about this move in our life. We feel like it's just the right time. But boy oh boy is moving going to be much more challenging with a baby in the mix. The good news is, though, that we're going try and sell all of the big furniture pieces in our house, with the exception of "our bed and the crib" (in my hubby's own words). So hopefully that will make moving easier, even with a baby and all of her toys in tow!

Also, it should be noted what an amazing man I married. He somehow manages to speak words that make perfect sense in my head in times when I need them the most. He told me, "God doesn't give people cancer. He isn't too particularly concerned with the body." Which is a true statement, because ultimately, God wants to dwell in our spirits (and our body is simply the vessel that holds our spirits). That isn't to say that God cannot heal - because He absolutely can. In fact, God is the greatest doctor that ever was. But cancer and disease does not come from God.

Next up on the list of things to chat about is the fact that my baby started clapping the other day (now she does it all the time) and every time she does, I cry! I don't even know if there's a logical reason behind my crying other than it's severely cute and I feel proud of her. She has also started dancing and it is just as precious as all get out. Here's a video, because... cute!
In other news...

The Bachelor is amazing and all but y'all, I haven't even had a chance to watch Monday's episode yet. Wahh!! Hoping to catch up soon. Maybe tonight if I'm lucky!? I can tell you that Lauren and Jojo are my favorites! They are so adorable. And Ben? Um cutie alert!

And um yea, my allergies are kicking me. I have been on and off with allergy issues and a cold (ugh!). Really praying hard that I don't get Kens sick. Her nose has been runny, and now her poor nostrils are crusty. My baby! But anyways, I tried Flonase just now and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will start being able to breathe through my nostrils very soon.
Oh and so random, but I decided that I would listen to Ace of Base yesterday. Did you know that they were the first CD I ever owned?! Followed by Spice Girls. But yes, Ace of Base was where it was at, if you ask me. Don't mind me over here, I'll just be singing I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.
Lastly, can someone please tell me that they're also listening to on the Serial podcast? I am hooked. The newest epi came out today and I am about halfway through it. Give me all of the podcasts! kthnxbye.


  1. I love your hubby's comment, "God doesn't give people cancer. He isn't too particularly concerned with the body". A nice reminder when it comes to infertility. Sometimes it's so hard not to be angry with God, but over the years I have found "the reason" for my losses and pray that He is with us in our upcoming journey. Love your blog! So glad I found it :)

  2. That video is so cute!! I totally get the crying, when Bowen smiles really big almost laughing it makes me laugh so much I cry but it's SO cute!!! Your sweet girl is precious!

  3. Absolutely love Serial, Have you watched Making a Murderer? If you like Serial you'll also like that.
    Ben is by far the best bachelor the show has ever had!

  4. Such a good clapper!! So I haven't started listening to the new serials yet. I guess I am afraid to change over because I liked the old case? Haha I dont know what the deal is with my reasoning. And I always take my non runny nose for granted. Its like...what was life like when I could breathe and not carry a box of tissues to every room with me? Hope you feel better soon!