Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kensington Grace: Seven Months

Weight: 17lbs & 1oz.

Height: 26.57in.

Hair: Growing slowly but surely. Light brown with hints of red.

Eyes: Gray and ever so beautiful.

Clothes: 9-12months.

Diapers: Size 3.

Sleeping: Sporadic is a good word for Kensington's sleeping patterns. Naps used to be so consistent but now they're a bit short and random. But I take any of her nap breaks that I can get so I can feel semi-productive around the house. In the night, she starts in the crib and usually wakes 3-4 hours later and we move her to our bed. We love cosleeping! Then, she does one of two things: 1) wakes 2 hours later for a feeding and diaper change, OR 2) sleeps until 6am, eats and gets a diaper change, and then falls back asleep till 830am.

Eating: Formula + baby food = one happy Kens. Her favorite food is butternut squash. But only the store bought kind because apparently mama doesn't puree it to her liking. 

Kensie's favorite things: Trying to pull her self up (cue mama heart attack!), screaming with joy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, bouncing in her Einstein, riding in the Trike, and tickles from dada.

Mommy's favorite things: Watching her inch forward. She's going to be crawling officially any day now. She's made some serious strides and I count those in my mind, but here soon, she'll be taking off in a fast-paced way!

Daddy's favorite things: When Kensie is chill so that he can play video games. (*shakes head* haha)

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Doodle, Baby, Honeybee, Honey.

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess.

New with Kensie: Has been sitting like a champion since 4 months, but can do so now without accidentally tumbling over. She also is trying to pull herself up on things, which scares me. I guess we'll be baby-proofing the whole house very soon!

Prayer: Jesus, thank you so much for our little girl. She is a delight and makes my life so fulfilled. My prayer is that you'll ease my fears of "messing up" and keep your hand on our lives. I pray that Kensington's health and development continue to thrive in Your name! Please let our little girl be a blessing to others through her joyful smile and happiness. I pray that Kensie will understand how loved she is by You (and me too!). Please guide my life, Jesus, with your spirit so that Kensie will see You in me.


  1. Happy 7 months to this precious little girl!

  2. yay Kensie. So fun to watch her learn and grow.

  3. Goodness she is a cutie! And I'm sure my husbands "favorite things" will be the exact same once our little gets here haha

  4. Oh my goodness - how is she already 7 months!?! She is so adorable and I hope y'all had a great first Christmas with her!