Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oh Hi.

I think (?) that I am going to be a better blogger from here going forward. Kinda hard to say. I truly have had the best of intentions, but time is so precious. I don't have too much of it, because every free moment is spent with my baby. Which for the record, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am reminded time and time again how blessed I am to spend my days with Kensie.

Before becoming a mommy, I knew I would at least document Kensington's monthly milestones, but I thought surely I would blog more frequently than that - at least twice per week. Oh life.

What I'm saying is that I really am going to try. Because at the end of the day, I still really enjoy blogging! So to get back into the swing of things (maybe? ha), let's do a reintroduction of sorts, plus a few "currents" if you will.

But first, the basics. So basic.

NAME/ Allison (le duh).

AGE/ 28 years young until March. 

RELATIONSHIP/ Wife to Ross and Mama to Kensington.
LOVER OF/ Blankets, Independence Day, church, Topo Chico, Stitch Fix (omg just got my first box and I am literally obsessed. I will be writing a post next week with pictures about it. Promise!!!), weekends, and all things baby girl.

HOBBIES/ Making bows, online shopping, going on walks, playing peek-a-book with Kensie Grace, blogging (oh hi), watching TV, and reading.

WATCHING/ The Bachelor (Ben is the cutest bachelor this shown has ever seen, if you ask me), Dateline NBC, Shark Tank. And two shows that I just finished, which I highly recommend: The Jinx and Making a Murderer.
READING/ Currently, I'm on three books: this onethis one, and this one.

LISTENING TO/ Kari Jobe - Only Your Love. She is just awesome.
OTHER CURRENT UPDATES/ We're praying for big news this year. Despite the fact that I run a blog, I really hate to expose things that I'm pursuing in the fear that something doesn't work out the way that I would like. I guess I worry that I'll be embarrassed for showing such a vulnerable side about my desires. I also fear that people will try to be in competition with me if I express what I want. Is that crazy talk? Probably, but it's a worry that I have. That being said though, God knows much better than I do. I keep reminding myself to not doubt God's great plan. Rather, to be excited for what he's planning. So there's that. (Also, FYI, I am keeping this all in one paragraph simply so readers don't skip ahead. I'm such a jerk, right?!.) Things that we're praying for in 2016: 1) successfully selling our house at a reasonable price, 2) building our second home, and 3) of course, adding a sweet little baby to our family. Let's talk about our house situation: we love our humble abode, but we're looking for space and a community with a playscape and pool. We are also hoping to move closer to my hubby's job since he has permanent plans there. Speaking of moving, which costs money, that reminds me of the lotto. Shout out to all the jackpot winners, but the real winner is that person who has a higher probability of birthing identical quadruplets than winning the lotto. I heard that on the news yesterday and I kept thinking that birthing four kids at once would be legit awesome. It would for sure be better than winning the lotto. I'll take two sets of quads, please. But anyways, my prayer about our second child is that God would give him or her a story, much like a story that He has given to Ross, Kensie, and I. Whatever which way we add a second child to our home, I want that.

Okay, that's all for today folks. Please please stick around. Loveyew.


  1. Glad to have you back, lady! Kensington is getting so big and even more darling!

  2. Glad your family is doing well!! Your baby girl is beautiful! We too want to sell our house this year. I'm trying to not stress and worry about it and trust God, but some days that's hard. Praying for your family and God's plan for you guys!!

    1. Yea, I try to remind myself daily to just give God my worries and my desires too!

  3. Love your blog! :) I never really blogged regularly before kids, but they just suck so much time out, so don't be too hard on yourself for not blogging! I barely have time to do things I want to do!

    I'm just getting into Making a Murderer, and can't wait to see more! I also just scheduled my first StitchFix and can't wait for it to get here!

  4. Glad to see an update from u! Hope God helps you achieve those goals you have. Trust in God and everything is possible. Kensie is such a doll.

  5. Glad to have you back. I always love hearing how y'all are doing. I'm also looking forward to seeing your Stitch Fix. God's plan is always good.

  6. So glad you're back - and you're back with some BIG updates lol So happy for y'all to be selling your house, building a new one and hopefully getting pregnant again!

  7. We will be doing our 2nd round of IVF soon. Your story has been very helpful with preparing with the process. Thanks for sharing.

    1. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope it goes according to plan :-) God bless!

  8. Love Kari! And her sweet husband!