Monday, February 22, 2016

Basic Things

I feel like this here blog 'o mine needs more general updates. After all, the purpose of blogging is primarily because I want to remember these days. I'm quite positive that this season of my life is sprinkled with powdered sugar, because it is so sweet. I am severely blessed thanks to Jesus' love. And if we're talking about powdered sugar, which it seems we are, can I just say that I can't stand it when restaurants put it on my French Toast? Is it JUST me, or am I the only human on earth who likes their French Toast with zero sweetness? Just the bread and egg, please. Basic.

Speaking of, I had the flu this week, which is super basic. I don't know how you're supposed to entertain an 8.5 month old while yacking up stuff at the toilet bowl. I wish I could say that I'm Super Mom, but alas, I am not. Lucky for us both, daddy worked from home to entertain le kiddo while I was busy being sick. Good news! I am healed in Jesus' name and feeling on top of the world.
This Gif is applicable in almost any area of life.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I was able to get some R&R this weekend which my body desperately needed. We are completely moved out of our house (closing on Thursday! I am on pins and needles to share Thursday's blog post with y'all.) and moved into the apartment. EEK. Cheers to the next 4 months of apartment living while our new home is being built. Y'all. I am severely excited about house #2 and all of the memories we will be making in it.

All of that aside, is it just me, or is "basic" the theme of this blog post? 

One person who is definitely not basic is Donald Trump. (Long story short: we don't have cable TV right now, so I am limited to apps on our AppleTV and CBS is the only news station that I can find live-streaming TV and Donald is unfortunately all over my screen.) Yes, I am openly Republican, but no, I will not be giving him my vote. He is a character, that's for sure. But I just can't. Donald, I can't with you. I don't even have anything against the guy - I just can't take him seriously. 


  1. I seriously want one of those signs for my front yard. I have NEVER put a political sign in my yard but this just might be the one. Good luck on the new home building :)

  2. I'm pretty sure he's a nut, like most of the rest but I find him to be the bully who pushes and shoves others around and then gets into a repetitive ramble trying to prove his superiority. Eek and YAY for new houses!

  3. That gif is so me in life, I love using it too, haha.

    So exciting about the house can't wait to read more!

  4. Love the gif, love the political sign, that is totally me too, and cannot wait to hear more about your house you're building! It's so rewarding & exciting!! Congrats!

  5. Congrats on selling the house and building a new one, can't wait to hear about it!