Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Granted, it's still 32 days away (who is counting???), I am thinking about my birthday wish list. Who does that? I think it's fun to pretend like I'm a millionaire and window shop until my pretend wallet is aching. I'll be entering my last year in my 20's on March 13th, and well, I think that's a reason to celebrate?! Gimme all the things. More specifically...

HOWLITE. Duh. My Kendra Scott obsession runs deep. I own entirely too many pairs, but at the same time, you can never have too many! These earrings just scream, "buy me, buy me!"

LINEN. Since we're in the building process (house update coming soon - pinkie swear), I am already daydreaming about our new furniture. I am thinking this little get-up is ideal. I love the linen vibe to this living area.

BLOUSE. Why yes, I am in fact looking at you, cute top that I saw at Target.

LOCKET. This adorbz locket with Baby's picture=DYING. Because... obsessed. Also in case you missed the memo, I am now selling Keep Collective jewelry. The point is NOT sales. No no no. I am not a sales person. The honest-to-goodness point is for me to freely wear my jewelry and smile about the discounts that I get and share my happiness with friends and family. Anyways, I am pretty much guaranteeing myself that this locket is going to arrive at our doorstep within a few days because I don't think I can deal without it.
PHONE CASE. I'm looking for a new iPhone case that isn't too bulky. Currently, I have the Otterbox and it's just too big and heavy. I HATE it, but I really need to keep a case on my phone since: 1) I drop it constantly and have broken too many phones, 2) I have a baby who enjoys a phone cover to chew on v. a hard iPhone. Shoot your recommendations my way, ladies.

TV STREAMING. p.s. sorry for this other random recommendation request, but since hubby and I are going to be moving into an apartment temporarily (four-ish months), we are going to purchase a TV streaming service instead of cable. First question - is this worth doing instead of cable? Are there good shows on most services? I am interested primarily with The Bachelor/ette, Real Housewives of (all cities), Dateline NBC, and Fox News. I'm looking into Hulu but welcome suggestions. Second question is - does it genuinely save money? We are going to be purchasing internet still (the fastest possible) and wonder if bundling with that same company is wise. Even if you're not local (Austin), leave your feedback here, on my Facebook, or email me:

BOOTIES. Because a girl can dream about owning every pair available - especially these beauties. In case you missed my obsession with booties, check out my very first Stitch Fix review!


  1. My husband and I moved into an apartment between houses for 6 months and didn't set up cable. It was during the summer so most of our shows were on break, but we used Hulu, Netflix, and a Chromecast to stream stuff from our computer. It was worth the sacrifice. We didn't miss much of anything.

  2. Love me some Kendra should also check out the Kate Spade glitter stud earrings they are my fav and you would love them too!! Definitely checking out your jewelry, that locket is so unique!

  3. Love that locket so cute! I would definitely would recommend you just use streaming services instead of setting up cable for those few months. Hulu and Netflix are pretty good and cheap but if you have amazon prime they do their own streaming service which is meant to be decent.
    When I moved out of my home to go to uni I just used illegal links on my laptop and plugged it into my tv, you may not be able to watch it live but it was free! *oops*

  4. It's never too early for a birthday list and you can never have too much Kendra! Also love that necklace - too cute and so meaningful!

  5. Love the necklace! So pretty! Happy Early Birthday!

  6. Aww I love that locket. Such a cute idea! I want to get a necklace with all of our foster kids' initials :) I've been obsessing over some on Etsy!

  7. That locket is just too cute :) I'm in love!