Monday, February 8, 2016

Kensington Grace: Eight Months

I'm posting a few days late (whoops)! Don't mind me. I'm just busy loving on this adorbz kid. And by golly, I sure do love her. And it's NOT just because she's super cute (although ... I mean ... HOW in the world can one human look so beautiful???) but because she's mine mine mine mine mine. I've always been a tiny bit possessive of things and people that I love dearly. Everyone should take that as a compliment. That aside, I am feeling super blessed by this daughter of MINE. She is, in one word, awesome. Happy 8 month birthday, Doodle.
Weight: At least 17lbs & 4oz, because that's what she weighed when we took her to the doc on January 30th. Poor baby was sick with a stomach bug. She definitely lost a little poundage from throwing up so much but she's healthy now and I'm trying to fatten her up again!

Height: Not sure. Whoops. Mom is slacking.

Hair: Light brown, with hints of red. She can thank both sides of our family for that.

Eyes: Other than large and in charge, and BEAUTIFUL, the color is still undetermined. Sometimes people call it brown (hey girl hey), and other times people call it green with a little bit of blue. Confusing, right?

Clothes: 9-12months.

Diapers: Size 3.

Sleeping: Only wakes once per night. She starts in the Rock N Play next to our bed. Then anywhere between midnight and 4am, she wakes and moves in bed with us. She usually sleeps till 7 or 8. What happened to 10am, Kensie Grace?!

Eating: We have been SO busy lately and have really only been feeding her formula. Once we have more time and stability in our life within the next month (updates coming soon to our home selling/buying!) then we'll get back to feeding her baby foods.

Kensie's favorite things: Clapping (!!!! so cute !!!!), standing up, crawling, furniture surfing, pounding on her piano, taking selfies.

Mommy's favorite things: Everything. But mostly her slobbery kisses.

Daddy's favorite things: When she says "dada"!

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Doodle, Sister, Honeybee, Little, Kensie Koo.

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess.

New with Kensie: NO teeth yet. Apparently her daddy and I were the same as kiddos. We didn't pop those suckers out until later in the game. As far as what IS new with Kensie, the furniture surfing is a big deal. She looks ridiculously cute standing up. I am SO proud of her!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you always know best. I couldn't be more thankful or proud to be Kensington's mama. Thank you for making my heart so grateful to be her mama, and I pray that you'll always help me to keep that perspective. I pray for Kensie's continual development and learning. Please give me the tools to help teach her about You and Your plan for her. I pray that you will make Kensington a big sister this year too! You know my heart and my desires Lord, so I am putting my plans in Your hands! You get the Glory, God! Amen!


  1. love your pray for her. she is so so cute!!!

  2. Wow that little gal is growing up and is just so dang beautiful. She looks like such a happy baby. I love these updates! Happy 8 months!

  3. Happy 8 months! Also, how in the world has it ALREADY been 8 months?! What??? But she's seriously adorable and I'm loving seeing you as a mom. Seriously the best! I can't wait to hear about how the home buying/selling is going! Continued prayers!

  4. Happy 8 months!! As cute as a bug!!

  5. Happy 8 months! She's definitely a cutie! Hope all is going well with the buying/selling of your home. They do say good things come in threes. 1) Selling 2) Buying 3) baby#2?

  6. What a sweet and precious little gal! Happy 8 months!!

  7. Happy 8 months to Kensington! I seriously can't believe she's getting so big - it feels like you were just pregnant!

  8. I cannot get over how much K looks like you! Such a precious little girl!