Monday, February 29, 2016

The Internet Is Generally Awesome

Let's just call it March, shall we? Because really, I'm soOoOOoo over Feb 29th. Can we not have another one of these for at least 4 years? Only kidding. I actually had a grand day with my le baby on this le Lead Year Day.

Anyways, for no other purpose other than the internet generally being awesome, I figured I would share my favorite links with all y'all today. And then, because no blog post is complete without pictures, why don't you just adore the random collection of images I have for you today? Kthnx.
Now, a completely random set of pictures because dang, my kid is cute as all get out.


  1. Loving fuller house, it's definitely a bit on the cheesy side and WAY more adult than it used to be but since they are targeting the generation that grew up watching it it's probably pretty on point with what they were going for. I've tried to limit myself to 2 episodes when I have time because I don't want to finish it too fast. LOL!

    Season 2 of Making a Murderer definitely needs to happen. I'm just worried because it took them so long to get the great footage for Season 1 that if they try to throw it together too quick it will be completely off and ruin the momentum the show got for the case and justice system in WI.

    And your little girl is the cutest. The bottom left photo is definitely my favorite.

  2. I watched half of Fuller House. I love it!
    I can't wait for season 2 of Making a Murderer!!
    I read that buzzfeed on the Bachelor! That is so crazy!!
    I definitely need to work on some mom shirts for my shop! I have an Easter design out now that I just love! :)

  3. Can't believe how grown up lil Kensington is getting!! I love the picture with her hat on backwards ;) And YAY for cable--- sometimes you just gotta indulge hehe

  4. Oh my, that bachelor link is amazing! I'm learning so much!! lol

  5. Can't wait to watch fuller house, gong to binge watch it this weekend!
    Loving the photos so cute!

  6. Lol Fuller House I think I'm almost done with it. Oopps! Making a murder made me sad. I was actually pretty shocked on how their cases played out. Wow!

    I love that picture of her with the hat.

  7. New episodes of Making a Murder? Yes! Trying not to get hooked on Fuller House. Your baby is a little trendsetter.

  8. Love her pictures she is getting so big. Fuller house I loved it was good brought back memories growing up.