Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Clock Is Ridiculously Fast

Honestly, I'm just tired. Yes, that's my excuse for not blogging lately.

I beat myself up when I don't blog because I always have the greatest of intentions about getting back into it full-time, more or less. But the truth is, I selfishly feel like my clock runs way quicker than anyone else's. I simply don't have enough hours in the day. If I am blogging, that generally means that I'm giving up precious time that I could be or should be doing something else. Exhibit A: chores upon chores, quality time with hubby, HGTV, or sleep.

Instead of boring you with excuses, I am going to simply blog when I feel like it. No commitments from me, because I hate not keeping my word.

Today's blog post is completely unorganized. Here are some random things:
  • I've been listening to way too much Stuff Mom Never Told You podcasts lately.
  • My c-section scar has randomly been itching like crazy lately. I'm kinda hoping that maybe it's because my nerves that were damaged during delivery are starting to think about coming back to life. See: Yes, I've been numb between my scar & my belly button for the last 10 months. Insert o-face emoji.
  • We recently saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and it was definitely entertaining but very SciFi.
  • I am on pins and needles to move into our new house (not only because *duh* new house, but also because apartment living is the pits)! Oh, and if you were wondering, living out of boxes isn't cool either. I pretty much keep going to the store to buy things that I already know we own because I literally have no clue which box things are in. We have two storage units and a spare bedroom inside our apartment which are all full of boxes.
  • Baby is teething like crazy, which means no sleep at night. Hashtag I used to sleep at night.
  • I randomly decided to cut back on chocolate - which for the record is a terrible idea. But alas, here I am. And the cravings are real. Hoping that the less sugar I eat, the less I'll crave it.
  • Literally been obsessed with all things vintage/antique lately.
  • I kinda love Erika on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 
  • Kensington's 1st birthday party preparations are officially underway. Invites will be going out very soon! I can't believe in such a short time, I will be a mom to a one-year-old. Wait, what?
  • I have an itching to re-do my blog layout, so I'm sure things will look a little different around here soon. 
That's all folks. Going to sleep now, kthnx.


  1. I can't believe she is going to be 1!!! What a fun journey you've been on :)

  2. Me me me! My c-section scar has been feeling more sensitive lol or whatever the feels. Crazy. I as well have no time what so ever to do anything with my blog and it makes me sad. One day.

  3. Ahhhhhhh a one year old!?!?! That is crazy! I feel like I was just telling you congrats. What is the What Mom Never Told You podcast about? Can't wait to see your new blog design.