Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I think it's slightly unfair that just 5 days shy of my 29th birthday, my face is breaking out like I'm 16 again. What the hail, for real though? I'm pretty unhappy about it.
To make up for feeling 16 but actually celebrating a nearly-30-year-old birthday on Sunday, I decided to buy myself these pretties. Because 1) I'm obsessed with nude shoes - fact. And 2) They oddly remind me of shoes that I wore when I was itty bitty, minus the heel of course. Practically speaking, I rarely wear anything other than flats or tennis shoes. But a girl wants to feel fancy every now and again.

On another note, we are stinking excited to watch our house progress through each building stage. We are not new to building, as we built our first home too, but I think this go-around, it feels more fun! I am already imagining Kens running around the house and all of the memories that we'll make there. Bonus points: we already met one of our neighbors and they have a 6 month old daughter!
P.S. Speaking of "house", I can't frigging believe that time got away from us this weekend and we didn't binge watch House of Cards! I love that show and can't wait to see where this season goes, but I'm 99% positive it's gonna be supreme. #Underwood2016 riiiiiigght? Right.
And because laughter is good for the soul:


  1. HAHA! Love those funnies. Seriously, I was laughing and nodding my head to each one lol. Also, I'm so sorry that you're breaking out before your big day! Praying that it clears up soon and that you feel better about it. :)

  2. Those funnies seriously cracked me up! So exciting that y'all have already met a neighbor. Starting a new adventure is always so much fun. I can't wait to see the house progression.

  3. First off, all those funnies are sooo great and spot on!! That's so exciting y'all are well under way on your construction and that's awesome about your new neighbors!

  4. Oh my goodness! So funny! Those strawberry candies were everywhere in the 1990's! What happened to them?? And, yes, Dora is so stinking awkward! I'm glad I found your blog. I love cute, funny bloggers! :)

  5. And I just realized you're from Texas! Me too! No wonder I felt the instant connection with you!