Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rain + House Update + The Cutest Dress

It's so weird that it's Thursday. Granted, I have zero problems with that, because we're one day closer to the weekend. But so far, the week has flown by. Hey, thanks for that, Jesus.

This weekend, it rained cats and dogs all over Austin, so we didn't do too terribly much. We did venture out on Sunday after watching church from home. Even though it was raining hard, we went to Whole Foods. But in our crazy-sounding defense, they have covered parking, so it was no biggie. Might I add that the three of us went in our pajamas and I literally had no shame.
We also checked out the progress of our house and it's coming along quickly. I am hoping for a late May/early June close. They will be installing the cabinets this week or next, so that timeline doesn't seem too far fetched since closing is usually 30 days post cabinet installation.  Here are a few pictures.
The arrows show what still needs to be done on the outside. They need to paint a lot, plus they need to add the porch fence.
This is just showing the tile that will be in both bathrooms.
This is the wood tile that will be going in the entire house, with the exception of the two kid bedrooms. If you can't tell, we HATE carpet. I didn't even want carpet in the kid rooms, but Ross talked me into it.

It's irritating the heck out of me that they haven't finished the exterior yet. Last time we built, they finished everything on the outside first (other than fencing and landscaping) and then focused on the inside. With this builder, they are kind of all over the place, in my opinion. At least they are doing quality jobs when they have a task. Overall, we're happy with the building process this round.

Side note: we purchased an inventory home, so that means that we didn't select any of the characteristics of the house. We simply wanted this specific floorplan, and the timeline for when we wanted it completed matched up with ours - which is why we went with an inventory home. I know for a fact we'll love the inside, but I'm skeptical about the outside. I just wish they would finish the outside so I can see the full picture. Either way, we're purchasing it because the neighborhood is our dream neighborhood and the inside is just gorgeous! One thing that I'm TERRIBLY excited about is the hidden trashcan (it will have it's own pull-out drawer) and I'm also excited about having a mantle. We will basically never use the fireplace in TX, but it's cute to have.

Can we also talk about how dang cute this MJ dress is? I just ordered it for Kens, but I sized up (and apparently MJ clothes run large), so I may have to wait until next summer for her to wear. But it's STINKING CUTE. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

I Confess Sesh: Saved By The Bell Edition

I confess... I wish I could be irresponsible and spend the $$ we made from the sell of our home to buy whatever I wanted to + go on a vacay. But darn my conscious. So instead, you'll find me window shopping and adding things to my imaginary shopping cart. 
I confess... I hate allergies. I was sneezing the entire day on Friday and Saturday. Praise Jesus for this sneezing-break that I've gotten the past two days!

I confess... I have been (unfortunately) annoyed by a few specific things lately - all of which relate to moms complaining. I have no idea why I get so annoyed/frustrated by hearing/reading various moms complain about motherhood, but it has gotten to me. 1) no, I cannot sympathize with moms who feel "lonely". Motherhood gives me joy and a purpose - not the opposite. 2) no, I cannot sympathize with the mom who brags about having 2 under 2, or 3 under 3, or 4 under 4, etc., but then seeks sympathy/help for her hands being too full.

I confess... That apparently I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Yes, everything I'm writing is honest, but normally I would have more grace in writing how I feel :-O Instead, let's call today: "Blunt Day". Sorry in advance.
I confess... THIS is my most favorite commercial at the moment. "I'm an adult..."

I confess... Watching The Revenant was hard (covered my eyes roughly 100x), but it was definitely a good watch. Ross said the movie was a fair comparison to what Leo went through to get his recent Oscar. 

I confess... I have been on a smocking (see: NOT smoking, silly head) spree. I think I've bought Kensington 5 new smocked bubbles in the past week. If I could, she would pretty much live in smocked bubbles. It should be noted that mama always buys a good deal.

I confess... That I literally cannot stop listening to podcasts. They rule my life now! I started with Serial a few months back, and now I listen to everything under the moon. My newest favorite is Marriage More with Mandy Rose (a blogger who I've followed for a while) and her hubby. Apparently Mandy and I are very similar (hello to the fact that we're both a fan of crime shows) and I love how authentic she and her hubby are with their podcast topics. 

I confess... My favorite song at the moment is "No Other Name" by Hillsong Worship. 
I confess... That I am so ready to see what shenanigans the cast of Southern Charm get themselves into. I am obsessed with that show. Oh and can we talk about the finale of The Walking Dead and House Of Cards?

I confess... (speaking of southern charm), Ross and I joked that we're going to start talking more southern so that Kensington will speak with a drawl. We want her to be a southern belle. I giggle.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kensington Grace: Ten Months

I'm posting this late, because... "my life!" That's typically the phrase I use when describing how busy I am. Either way, my bundle of joy is now 10 months old as of April 5 and I cannot fathom it. In 60 days, she'll be a year old. Where does time go?
Weight: Not sure since we don't go back to the doc until she's a year old, but I'm guestimating around 20lbs.

Height: Also not sure since we haven't been to the doc since her 9 month check up.

Hair: Light brownish-redish.

Eyes: If you've read Kensington's updates over the past 10 months, you'd know that her eye color doesn't seem set, but more and more, homegirl seems to have brown eyes. TAKING AFTER MAMA. Do you know how much enjoyment I get out of the fact that she favors me? It's not about how she looks, but it's the fact that if there were ever doubts, it's so obvious that the kid is mine. She comes from my womb. I knew I could love any child that God gave me, regardless of how they looked, but the fact that Kensie Grace favors me is like having my cake and eating it too.

Clothes: 12-18 months.

Diapers: Size 4. Yea buddy.

Sleeping: Kensie Girl sleeps in the room with us and we have no intention of changing that. Please don't give me the side eye, but yes baby girl starts out her night in the Rock N Play (CALL ME CRAZY if you must) and then moves into bed with us once Ross and I go to bed. For the record, I looked up the weight limit on the Rock N Play model that we own and the max is 25 lbs. SO - yes, we are going to use it for every single pound we can get. Oh and you'd be right in assuming that her legs hang off the ends. She doesn't fit in it anymore; that's apparent. But Kensington is super duper comfy in there and she falls asleep SO quickly. It's completely effortless on our parts! Naps and bedtime are so simple and we like that.

Eating: Per her doctor, we're allowed to feed her anything we want (except honey) and we've started introducing tons of new foods. She likes rice a lot! As she should... Mexican food (specifically rice) is one of my favorite foods and I ate it all the time while preggo with her. We've introduced a few finger foods like Cheerios, but we're waiting for her to get used to it. With her one little tooth, it's all nawing instead of chewing. 

Kensie's favorite things: She loves books! When she's in the carseat, I give her a book and she'll literally laugh out loud at the pictures. It makes me so happy! Also, her blankets are her comfort. She grabs her blanket constantly and takes it with her wherever we go.

Mommy's favorite things: I am obsessed with her clapping and waving. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. 

Daddy's favorite things: Tickling Kensie and giving her raspberries! 

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Kens, Baby, Sister Friend.

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess.

New with Kensie: KG stands on her own but still much prefers crawling, so the standing lasts for a few seconds and then she's on the ground again. She waves and claps like a pro (and on demand too)!