Monday, April 11, 2016

I Confess Sesh: Saved By The Bell Edition

I confess... I wish I could be irresponsible and spend the $$ we made from the sell of our home to buy whatever I wanted to + go on a vacay. But darn my conscious. So instead, you'll find me window shopping and adding things to my imaginary shopping cart. 
I confess... I hate allergies. I was sneezing the entire day on Friday and Saturday. Praise Jesus for this sneezing-break that I've gotten the past two days!

I confess... I have been (unfortunately) annoyed by a few specific things lately - all of which relate to moms complaining. I have no idea why I get so annoyed/frustrated by hearing/reading various moms complain about motherhood, but it has gotten to me. 1) no, I cannot sympathize with moms who feel "lonely". Motherhood gives me joy and a purpose - not the opposite. 2) no, I cannot sympathize with the mom who brags about having 2 under 2, or 3 under 3, or 4 under 4, etc., but then seeks sympathy/help for her hands being too full.

I confess... That apparently I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Yes, everything I'm writing is honest, but normally I would have more grace in writing how I feel :-O Instead, let's call today: "Blunt Day". Sorry in advance.
I confess... THIS is my most favorite commercial at the moment. "I'm an adult..."

I confess... Watching The Revenant was hard (covered my eyes roughly 100x), but it was definitely a good watch. Ross said the movie was a fair comparison to what Leo went through to get his recent Oscar. 

I confess... I have been on a smocking (see: NOT smoking, silly head) spree. I think I've bought Kensington 5 new smocked bubbles in the past week. If I could, she would pretty much live in smocked bubbles. It should be noted that mama always buys a good deal.

I confess... That I literally cannot stop listening to podcasts. They rule my life now! I started with Serial a few months back, and now I listen to everything under the moon. My newest favorite is Marriage More with Mandy Rose (a blogger who I've followed for a while) and her hubby. Apparently Mandy and I are very similar (hello to the fact that we're both a fan of crime shows) and I love how authentic she and her hubby are with their podcast topics. 

I confess... My favorite song at the moment is "No Other Name" by Hillsong Worship. 
I confess... That I am so ready to see what shenanigans the cast of Southern Charm get themselves into. I am obsessed with that show. Oh and can we talk about the finale of The Walking Dead and House Of Cards?

I confess... (speaking of southern charm), Ross and I joked that we're going to start talking more southern so that Kensington will speak with a drawl. We want her to be a southern belle. I giggle.


  1. Ugh, LOVE this show! I'm so happy its on Netflix/Hulu so I can binge watch whenever I want. That would be too cute if baby Kensington ended up with a southern accent! ;) PS - my imaginary shopping list never ends, either. Lol!

  2. I second you on allergies. Mine have about gotten the best of me lately. Glad your getting a sneezing break! Tis the season for tons of tissue!

  3. I love this post and I love Saved by the Bell. Wonderful memories of hanging out at my grandma's after school and watching it with my cousin. Hope your allergies don't get too out of control. I live in Indiana and between the harvesting of crops, and the grass cutting I spend most of spring and fall in a allergy pill induced haze. Also, I REALLY want to see the Revenant.

  4. I love Southern Charm!!!! Their dram is ooc!!
    Chelsea @

  5. Hahaha my six year old nephew has a serious southern drawl and I find it hilarious since my sister and I were born up north but you can tell instantly that her kids were born here in the south! Allergies suck!!!!! And I hate seeing moms complain about motherhood on social media. I think I told you about my neighbor who boo hoo'd for months about how she had a miscarriage but then complained the entire time about her pregnancy with her triplets. Now those triplets are a year old and she complains all the time about how busy she is and how she needs help. Ummm she should be viewing those kids as a blessing!!! Love your Saved By the Ball gifs! That show was the best.

  6. Where do you get the smocked stuff? There's not a lot of stores selling it where I live plus I can't make myself spend more than $25 on even a special outfit for my baby. They only get to wear it briefly so I'm always looking for a deal too. I've gotten a couple things off Zulily, but that's it!

  7. This whole post is so great!!! Gah, I follow a few smocked instagram accounts and that's going to be a mistake when we have a baby (granted, I might just travel to GA or TN to get them at consignment sales lol). That's so funny y'all want Kensi to have a southern drawl! Little kids with southern accents are the cutest things ever!