Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rain + House Update + The Cutest Dress

It's so weird that it's Thursday. Granted, I have zero problems with that, because we're one day closer to the weekend. But so far, the week has flown by. Hey, thanks for that, Jesus.

This weekend, it rained cats and dogs all over Austin, so we didn't do too terribly much. We did venture out on Sunday after watching church from home. Even though it was raining hard, we went to Whole Foods. But in our crazy-sounding defense, they have covered parking, so it was no biggie. Might I add that the three of us went in our pajamas and I literally had no shame.
We also checked out the progress of our house and it's coming along quickly. I am hoping for a late May/early June close. They will be installing the cabinets this week or next, so that timeline doesn't seem too far fetched since closing is usually 30 days post cabinet installation.  Here are a few pictures.
The arrows show what still needs to be done on the outside. They need to paint a lot, plus they need to add the porch fence.
This is just showing the tile that will be in both bathrooms.
This is the wood tile that will be going in the entire house, with the exception of the two kid bedrooms. If you can't tell, we HATE carpet. I didn't even want carpet in the kid rooms, but Ross talked me into it.

It's irritating the heck out of me that they haven't finished the exterior yet. Last time we built, they finished everything on the outside first (other than fencing and landscaping) and then focused on the inside. With this builder, they are kind of all over the place, in my opinion. At least they are doing quality jobs when they have a task. Overall, we're happy with the building process this round.

Side note: we purchased an inventory home, so that means that we didn't select any of the characteristics of the house. We simply wanted this specific floorplan, and the timeline for when we wanted it completed matched up with ours - which is why we went with an inventory home. I know for a fact we'll love the inside, but I'm skeptical about the outside. I just wish they would finish the outside so I can see the full picture. Either way, we're purchasing it because the neighborhood is our dream neighborhood and the inside is just gorgeous! One thing that I'm TERRIBLY excited about is the hidden trashcan (it will have it's own pull-out drawer) and I'm also excited about having a mantle. We will basically never use the fireplace in TX, but it's cute to have.

Can we also talk about how dang cute this MJ dress is? I just ordered it for Kens, but I sized up (and apparently MJ clothes run large), so I may have to wait until next summer for her to wear. But it's STINKING CUTE. 


  1. We built our house too and got to choose the floor plan and details (flooring, tile, paint color etc). We went with NO carpet haha. My husband said he'd rather spend more now for the wood instead of getting carpet and then needing to replace it down the road, especially in kids rooms. I love it so far except for the fact that you can see all.the.dust.all.the.time. I vacuum/sweep and literally by the end of the day I already see stuff on it again. Anyways...just a little jelly of your porch! That was one thing with our floor plan. In order to have a good sized patio we had to go without a porch. Boo.

  2. WOW! It looks gorgeous! I bet you can't wait to get in and start making it your own! From what I see, you have great decorating skills so I can't wait to see pictures when it's closer to being done.

  3. Love it. We are thinking of doing the wood tile as well. I am afraid E will bust her head lol.

  4. I can't believe that the house is so close to being done!! I can't wait to see it and everything so far looks amazing!

  5. I love the tile in the bathroom and the rest of the floors too!!! So pretty!