Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kensington Grace: Eleven Months

Weight: 19lb, 10oz.

Height: 28 inches.

Hair: Light brown.

Eyes: Brown.

Clothes: 18-24 month.

Diapers: Size 4.

Sleeping: Sleeps all.night.long in the Pack N Play in our bedroom. When we move into our house (beginning of June), we are putting her in her own bedroom. BUT! We bought a twin bed so that I could sleep in there a few nights a week until I'm comfortable leaving her side. (Hashtag is that even possible? Hashtag obsessed mom).

Eating: Eats anything her heart desires but she's holding tight to Butternut Squash being her most favie food ever. Oddly: she doesn't love a lot of texture, so we're only slowly converting her to textured foods (i.e. cherrios, yogurt drops). 

Kensie's favorite things: Now that she has figured out how to use her walker, you cannot stop the girl. She wants to be upright constantly! 

Mommy's favorite things: When she's around strangers, she is SUPER cuddly with me. Also, right when she wakes up from a nap, she wants to be held and she lays her head on my chest. It is the most darling thing ever. I love it so much.

Daddy's favorite things: Mimicking her baby talk. Tickling her.

Mommy's nicknames for Kensie: Baby, The Baby, Kens, Little One.

Daddy's nicknames for Kensie: Princess.

New with Kensie: She waves on demand when you ask her to tell someone 'bye'. It's precious. She says 'bye' in the most southern way. She hasn't quire figured out that 'hi' and 'bye' are the same motion of waving though! 

And now, for some Kensington Spam:


  1. Happy 11 months to Miss Kensie!!!

  2. She is so adorable :) Chelsea @

  3. She's slmost one!! Where does the time go??

  4. WHAT!? How is she already 11 months!? What a fun time! She's so adorable!

  5. What a cutie!!! She looks so much like you!

  6. She is so precious! I have loved following on the last 11 months and seeing her grow!

  7. Happy 11 months sweet girl :) I cannot believe you are almost 1..

  8. Happy 11 Months Kensie!! she is so big and beautiful!!

  9. I cannot believe she's almost a year old! You are absolutely the best mama to sweet Kensie and I am oh so happy for you and Ross!! Seriously an adorable family.

  10. I noticed on earlier posts with Kensington's sleep that you all did not want to let her cry it out. We have a 6 month old baby girl and we don't like the idea of letting her cry it out either. She's still waking up a few times in the middle of the night. How did you get your daughter to sleep through the night? Did she just start on her own?