Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Number Two: 24 Weeks

Oh hi!

I always had this idea that being a SAHM and blogging full time would be THE.LIFE., but it turns out that toddlers are go, go, go 24/7. And when they're not going, neither am I. I consider Kensington's scheduled nap time, a nap time for myself too. The perks of growing a baby while raising a toddler. For the record though, my doctor has me on a modified bed rest. So there's that... I'm basically granted a free nap each day, without judgement from anyone.

A few housekeeping things first.

These days, e-mail is essentially nonexistent to me. My apologies. There's this weird thing where I barely have enough time to online shop and blog, and let's just say replying to emails is lower on the list than those two, so I just don't do it anymore. One of these days.

That being said, though, I do read every single comment! Your comments, encouragements, and questions are always something I look forward to. If you're the type that likes a reply, I suggest commenting on here still if you feel so inclined, because I love those, but also visiting my Instagram account and leaving some love on there. I check Insta often (@MrsSouthernMama)!

Now onto today's blog post, because that's why we're all here.

We are totally thanking Jesus for getting us to 24 weeks with Baby #2. Here are a few stats and pictures. Enjoy!

How far along: 24 weeks & 2 days.

Baby Size: Two pounds.

Gender: Your guess is as good as mine. We're waiting until baby's debut in December. My gut is telling me that we're having a girl though. I would bet money. Daddy thinks it's a boy. I would ask Kensie Grace what she thinks, but I'm pretty sure her response will simply be, "baby." That's her favorite word.

Movement: Yep, I've been feeling baby for QUITE some time. I hear with second (and so forth) pregnancies, you can feel things much quicker, and that was definitely the case for me.

Best moment this week: We had an ultrasound yesterday and it was so great seeing our little Mr. or Miss. again. Best moment from that appointment was hearing that my amniotic fluid is at a normal range. When I was pregnant with Kensington, I did struggle a little bit with my eating habits to ensure I didn't develop polyhydramnios - which luckily, I never did. I always had a "normal, but high" level wth her. A few weeks ago, at Baby #2's anatomy scan, they said I did officially have polyhydramnios, but that it has already improved into the normal range with my improved eating as of yesterday. 

Looking forward to: December, baby's birth month! "Technically", baby is due at the very beginning of January, but since we'll likely have a scheduled c-section, they're going to do it at 39 weeks. Plus, um, hello... tax deduction for 2016 if this kid comes before January 1.

What I miss: Not feeling so bloated. Oh gracious, I forgot how hard that part of pregnancy is. But I'm not complaining, because pregnancy is MY JAM.

Feeling/Symptoms: Gaining more weight with this pregnancy than I had planned or expected, but I'm not allowed to exercise, so I guess that's to be expected. I'm feeling like a ball of lard. So far, (praise God) no swollen ankles! I got swollen pretty early in my pregnancy with Kens.

Nursery: So whoops, we're not having a nursery for baby #2. Logic: we co-sleep and love having baby close by, so they will be with us for at least the 1st year. Sometime down the line, we'll worry about a big kid room. In a perfect world, all my kids would sleep in the same room with us for the first few years. Welcome to the thought process of a mom who spent years trying to get pregnant. Not taking it for granted one bit.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on, but! Confession: after I realized I didn't lose baby weight from Kensington as quickly as I had wanted, I went ahead and had my rings sized up. 

Daddy-isms: Daddy felt baby #2 kick pretty early on and talks about how crazy his life is going to be if we have a girl, instead of his guess of a boy. It's so fun to envision how our life will look with two kids come December.

Prayer: Jesus, my healer, thank you so much for this sweet baby. Thank you for this pregnancy and every day that you allow me to grow this little miracle further. Please remind me daily that you are close to me when I'm fearful or nervous about the future. I pray for a full term pregnancy and a healthy delivery for both baby #2 and I. Lord, I pray that you would shine through this new life for years and years to come. Jesus, I pray that this child will change the world in big ways in your name. Amen.