Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Life Looks Like

Happy 39 weeks (gestation) to our bubba!

We have loved you for 97 days. We were scheduled to have a c-section yesterday but instead, my body forced you to come months early. No, you weren't ready, but you have made the most amazing strides. You are the strongest person that I know! Although your due date is 1 week away, we still have no idea when we'll get to bring you home. But once you are home, I refuse to kiss you any less than 1,000 times per day. I love you more than I could EVER love another little boy. Bennett, you are more than I ever knew I wanted.

To celebrate this awesome milestone (which quite frankly felt like we would never reach), I want to share the most special pictures with you. Thanks to the heart of another mama, we were given the gift of photos. Jennifer reached out and kindly offered to give us a free photo session documenting a teeny tiny piece of what NICU life looks like for us. Not pictured are the heartbreaking emotions that we sometimes feel while being NICU parents. BUT, pictured, you'll find the joyful part of the experience. I am so thankful that Jennifer captured these moments because I will F O R E V E R cherish them. I can't wait to share these amazing pictures with Bennett.

Despite this being such a difficult season, I have never felt more blessed in my 29 years of life.

Thank you all for cheering us on, and letting us share this intimate piece of life with you. The photos were taken when Bennett was 2.5 months old, and he is now almost 3.5 months old!


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures of your handsome baby boy. You are truly an inspiration pretty lady. Looking forward to following sweet Bennett's testimony and journey. He's blessed to have you both.

  2. Beautiful pictures! He is making such great progress. Praying he's ready to come home soon.