Friday, May 5, 2017

GJ Button + Other Updates

I honestly only had enough energy in this post to write about a few things that I just knew, in my gut, were going to happen before they came to fruition. And unfortunately we're going to add another thing to the list.

When I first heard about the GJ Button (you can learn more than you'd ever want to know here), I just had something (i.e. God) telling me to prepare. Get prepared for another change, because the GJ button is coming. I knew. Yes, I did. For those who have no medical background, the GJ button is different than the G button.

That being said, the GJ button isn't dramatically different from Bennett's current G button. No surgery is required (praise God), but it is a process to change out his button. The hardware will look very similar, except there will be two ports: one that goes to Bennett's stomach, and one that goes past it to the small intestine. Essentially, Bennett will get his food in his small intestine. The g-button side will be to vent him and check for fluids. With the GJ button, continuous feeds are a must. We're already on a continuous drip, so that will remain. I've mentioned before that we're adamantly against the fundoplication surgery and we have high hopes that the GJ button will help Bennett have a much more pleasurable feeding experience.

With the GJ button, the doctor said, "in rare cases" XYZ happens after working on GJ button feeds. "You'll need to contact me if this happens" she said. Well, Bennett is rare, and he is the exception case more times than not. Bennett is doing REALLY good for a micropreemie, but that doesn't take away the fact that when there's an exception to be had, Bennett is it. Please help us in praying that Bennett will tolerate the GJ button well and that he, indeed, won't have anything "exceptional" happen to him. Ross and I are making very well thought-out decisions. That means when we say we're against something, it's been considered and ultimately, we know what's best for our son.

One way that you can help an anxious mom like me is by always being upfront about your health. If you can't come over in good conscious that you're healthy, not having any bit of symptoms, then it's best to reschedule. Also, you can help by asking questions. I think the more I talk about this to people whom I trust, the more at ease I feel.

Bennett's also had an eye exam last week. There's no change, which isn't a bad thing. But again, he is the exception to "most" micros. Our eye doc said, "in rare cases, baby's eyes won't be fully developed until 60 weeks gestation." Well, Bennett is currently 57 weeks (as of yesterday) gestation.

In other news, Bennett had his first real laugh yesterday. It was faint and sweet, but it was a laugh. We were all sitting on the couch, surprising Bennett with Poppy (Kensington's troll doll) and he just thought that was the funniest thing ever. Also, his physical therapy is going very well! He is so interested in sitting up, but isn't quite strong enough. If it were up to Bennett, he'd skip rolling all together, but I personally want to see him rolling around!

I try to keep things in perspective. I really do. Sometimes I'm mad about where we're at. Sometimes I'm totally okay with it. Overall, despite how stressful this is... and how sad it makes me, I know that we're really blessed that Bennett doesn't have more issues considering the long list of possibilities for 25-weekers. And you know what, this is just how life goes. This is our trial to work through, whereas some families may face scary things like bankruptcy, adultery, or cancer. Everyone has something.


  1. You are doing a great job mama! You are a strong and brave woman. I'd love to hear how Kensie is liking being a big sister. Just said a prayer for you mama.

  2. Praying for you... You are an awesome mommy ;) They are the cutest things ever