IVF Pregnancy #3: T W I N S

Not only am I back to blogging again (yay!), but we are completely overjoyed to share with y'all that we are pregnant with TWINS. Yes, you read that right: T W I N S! As many of you know, we only get pregnant via IVF due to Unexplained Infertility. In 2014 after doing a fresh cycle, we ended up with 6 beautiful embryos (5 day blastocysts).

Two embryos were immediately transferred in 2014 (fresh transfer) and we got pregnant with our precious Kensington. Eight months after Kensington was born, we decided that we wanted another baby in our life. In 2016 we transferred two more embryos (frozen transfer) and got pregnant with our angelic Bennett. Neither of those times were we expectant to get twins; I think we just desperately wanted a baby and didn't think to specifically pray for both embryos to stick around. Anyways, after both of those transfers, we still had 2 embryos left, which brings me to...

This pregnancy: I'll share more later in detail for those who don't know - although many of y'all do! - but our pregnancy with Bennett was very complicated and ended in a traumatic birth. (But rest assured, he is doing awesome these days)! I was pretty distraught after having such an intense labor/delivery so I knew I wouldn't be ready for quite a while for any more kids - if ever again. However, all along, my husband was pretty adamant that he wanted our kids close in age and he was ready for more when I was.

After talking about it a lot on occasion (it took us 2 years to talk about, in fact), we finally decided that we'd be ready for our final Frozen Embryo Transfer at the end of 2018. Not only for insurance purposes (an unexpected blessing to find out that Ross' insurance pays for 90% of fertility treatments) but also because I felt healed enough to proceed forward.

With the first two transfers (Kensington and Bennett), I followed all the old wives tales (ex: eating pineapple core) in the books to "ensure" I'd get a positive pregnancy test. For this transfer using our final two embryos, I really felt at peace with whatever would happen, so I opted out of doing all the old wives tales. The one and only thing that I did differently this time was to NOT use the restroom right after our transfer.

For those who don't know, in order to transfer embryos into your uterus, doctors require that you have a full bladder. It somehow help to guide the catheter into jusssst the right spot if your bladder is full. Well, as you can imagine, you generally need to pee pretty bad afterwards. With our first two transfers, I immediately went to the bathroom since I just couldn't hold it any longer. However, this time was different. I had remembered our nurse telling us (years ago, no less) that twin pregnancies happen more frequently when you don't use the restroom immediately after an embryo transfer.

So I thought, "Hmm... I'll give it a whirl." And while the old wives tale turned out to be true in that regard, I don't think it's the very reason we got pregnant. I attribute God, prayer, and His design of medicine for the reason we got pregnant with twins. Ross and I were very intentional in praying for both babies this time. We also asked our friends, small group, and family to pray specifically for that too.
Kensington (3) and Bennett (2)

Tears have been frequent lately. I have been crying so many happy tears ... and some anxious tears too - if I'm being honest - but mostly happy, joyful tears! We're excited to be due in the middle of August and are expectant and prayerful for two healthy and full-term babies to complete our family.

In the next month or so, my doctor wants me to do genetic testing, which may also indicate the gender of the babies - it's not guaranteed though. In addition to seeing my OBGYN regularly, I'll also be seen by a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor. It's likely that I'll be on injections for the rest of my pregnancy, which really stinks, BUT I am happy (without complaint) to do whatever it takes to help my babies reach full-term.

In unrelated news, I am working hard on getting the blog up and running with my new template and all that jazz. Thanks so much to each of you who stuck with it, even though I went MIA for quite a while. In the next few posts, I'll try to update y'all on other happenings in our life (I also want to hear about what's new with y'all!) and of course some more lighthearted posts too. Hugs to each of you! It feels so natural to be back here typing away.


  1. Yay for both babies sticking around!! Praying that those sweet bundle of joys continue to grow for the next 9 months.

  2. I am so excited for all of you. I cannot wait to watch another pregnancy and more babies for you guys.

  3. Congratulations, this is wonderful news!! I am also thrilled to see a post from you and to see your precious little ones :)

    1. Thank you so much! We are excited to share more of our life with y'all!!!

  4. Wow!! and yay!! and congratulations!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations!! My sister & BIL are going through IVF now due to unexplained fertility.