Texas + Mickey Mouse talk

The goal I had in mind when starting back up with blogging was to post once a week - which isn't much, I know, but it's easy enough for me to commit to for now. Last week I didn't meet that goal but here I am today and back at it!

It's been the same ole, same ole over here. My mind is consumed with this precious twin pregnancy. You'd think having two toddlers would keep me busy enough, but the fact that I am already huge at 15 weeks and feeling so many bodily changes keeps my mind focused on Shep and Millie. I had a dream about them last night and that when they were born, I hadn't ordered their going-home outfits (the horror!). But in fact, I am slowly starting to accumulate matching pink and blue outfits... whew.

I'm spending a lot of my pregnancy doing a whole bunch of nothing. Sitting around a lot (I'm not allowed to exercise) which means watching TV shows and getting on social media. I get bored easily on social media to be honest, so there's been a lot of catching up on my DVR. The most that I do during the week is take both kids to preschool. While they're at school, I try to just sit down and take it easy, but the busy body in me just wants to clean and organize. This pregnancy has really taught me to listen to my body and relax while I have the time. I can't wait to see the twins on ultrasound next week!

Other kid updates: we are getting Kensington and Bennett's new room put together. I should have more updates about that later this month. I am so torn: I don't want to stop cosleeping, but at the same time, I need the space in bed (hello large preggo belly) and the kids really could sleep anywhere and be perfectly fine. I love that they'll be sharing a room too. That puts my mind at ease! We also installed a new camera in their new room and you can see ev.ery.thing. So, I know this is a good move for all of us!

Kensington and Bennett celebrated Texas last week at school. Look at these precious Texas Natives. I especially love that they know where in Texas they live, along with where each of their grandparents live. 
I am so amazed how much both kiddos are growing and learning every day. Kensington is about 36lbs and Bennett is about 27lbs. She can lift him up, which is hilarious and impressive! Both of my babies are obsessed with wearing shoes - specifically boots - they don't just wear them during Texas week (I have to hide their shoes so they don't drag them all out) and their love for Mickey Mouse increases daily. My favorite part about their relationship is how well they entertain each other. It's not always sunshine and roses with a 2 year old and 3 year old, but overall, they are so gentle and playful with each other.  

But speaking of Mickey Mouse, I have to say this: I'VE CHANGED. I have found myself addicted to planning Disney World vacations. I blame my sister-in-law for inviting us to go with them a couple years ago, haha! We first took the kids in 2017 (when Bennett was only 1 year old!) and it changed me. I am officially obsessed with Disney and I'm not even ashamed to say it. Our second trip in 2018 solidified for Ross and I that Disney is such a fun place to take the kids! Our goal both times was just to make sure the kids had fun; and fun they did have! We are super excited to go again in 2020 but we'll only be taking the big kids. The twins will stay back home and we can take them once they're a bit older. Maybe in 2021... I'll get on planning that probably as soon as we get back from our next trip.

Our first two Disney trips as adults, we didn't plan anything really. I didn't even know what a Fast Pass was in 2017, which is kind of funny as I look back. Now that we've been twice in two years, I am starting to learn how things work and I'm also researching all sorts of neat inside things. So, if you have any good tips/tricks/advice for a our upcoming Disney trip, please let me know!

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