Illness + Easter + 22 Weeks With The Twins

I swear that I have an excuse. Since March 31st, I have been sick. A horrible sinus infection. Pregnant + an illness doesn't jive well with me. I'm the kind of person who hates taking medicine while pregnant (which is possibly why the head cold turned into an infection). Either way, I finally got a Z Pak, Steroid, and Antibiotic (not to mention acupuncture in the face) and eventually most of the symptoms went away. Thank you Jesus! That being said, I have still been super cautious to say that I'm completely, 100% healthy though. I still seem to have some weird congestion when I sleep/sit down - but now it's on the opposite side of my face than was the infection. I also have a small amount of residual jaw pain, however I'm starting to realize that could be because my wisdom tooth was irritated from the pressure of my sinuses.

Lucky for me, I've never had any wisdom teeth removed (I guess I was only born with one), but throughout the years, my dentist has kept an eye on the one that I do have. It's apparently sideways on my upper right side - which is where I'm currently feeling some irritation. I guess it took a sinus infection to finally feel something up there. Until my dentist told me that my X Ray showed a wisdom tooth a few years ago, I didn't even know that I had any.

Other than drowning in sinus pain for the last few weeks, I've continued growing these sweet twins. With my first two pregnancies (singleton, of course), I was able to pretty much stick with my normal routine. However, this pregnancy has forced me to really listen to my body and CHILL.OUT. I so miss keeping busy around the house with cleaning, organizing, playing with the kids, etc. But honestly, I have to be selfish right now (maybe selfish isn't even the right word). Being a Stay At Home Mom while also trying to relax as much as possible is a tricky dance; my kids need me but so do the twins. Moral of the story: we do a lot of screen time and easy crafts which keep the kids busy for a while.
Easter was a hit this year with Kensington and Bennett. This is such a fun age for both of them. They really enjoyed all the egg hunts that they got to do. Meeting the Easter Bunny wasn't even so bad. Kensington loved it. Bennett was a tiny bit skeptical (hence no smile ha). Unfortunately we haven't been to church much lately due to illnesses and my pregnancy - which is the whole point of Easter obviously. But the good news is that Jesus lives in our hearts (as my 3 year old would say) and we pray and thank Him each day. Fellowship at church is so amazing to have but we're in a short season where we also have to make sure our health is a priority.

I am now 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Baby A (Ruth Millicent) is head down and is finally in a position where I can feel her ALL THE TIME. Up until the last few weeks, her placenta was covering all of her kicks so I never felt much. That has all changed. Dare I say that I feel her kicks much more than her brother's. Baby B (Shepherd Beau) is head up and is virtually always facing my back. Both kids are growing right on track. I have had a weird experience with food ever since getting pregnant with the twins; I feel miserable anytime I eat. But the good news is that I gained the 20 pounds by 20 weeks like I was hoping for so now the pressure is off. It was recommended to me by my nurse and other fellow twins moms to gain the weight early because by the end of the pregnancy, your stomach is so small that you won't want to eat. I am starting to feel bloated 24/7. EEK! Honestly I miss the normal feeling of eating and my normal relationship with food. But Lord knows that I am willing to sacrifice during this pregnancy. All in due time, I'll have 2 babies in my arms and 2 big kids to help love on them.
such a proud big sister; little brother was no where to be found
Not much else going on these days. Have a happy weekend!