Shepherd and Ruth's Birth Story!

Ignore spelling and grammar errors. This mama of 4 kids, 4 and under is BUSY and proofreading isn’t my top priority at the moment.

They’re here and they’re perfect!

For 35 weeks and 4 days, my babies grew perfectly inside my body. Thank you Jesus! I am truly in awe over how smooth my twin pregnancy went. Each day that I woke up, I would smile knowing that I was pregnant for another day, which meant that the twins were that much healthier.

On Sunday, July 28th, though, I didn’t get to wake up to Kensington and Bennett asking for chocolate milk. Instead, around 5am, I became so restless. I didn’t sleep much during my pregnancy as it was, but it was different this time. I was cramping a lot, and it was stronger than most other contractions that I had ever felt in my life before. I got up to move around a little; went to the bathroom. But I just couldn’t get comfortable. 

I decided to text my mom finally around 5:51am about how I was feeling since we’d likely need to be seen at L & D triage at the very least. I explained that I was cramping and I’d start timing it all to see how serious things were getting. However, I didn’t even have the chance to time contractions because by 5:59am, I was texting my mom back about how my water had broken. I was starting to feel some major contractions after that. Water was beginning to sprinkle all over the house with each step that I took.

In a hurry, I woke Ross and the kids up. We all jumped in the van and raced to the hospital (let me be known that he missed the exit because we were all in such a panic ha). I was contracting the whole way. When we got to the hospital, I said, “I’ll walk up myself; you just take care of the kids.” Well, as soon as I stood up from getting out of the van to walk up to L & D, my pain was getting worse and my water broke even more (maybe the second amniotic sac? I have no idea). Water EVERYWHERE y’all!!! I couldn’t even walk at this point. So Ross carried both Kensington and Bennett (they had no shoes on) up to L & D to get a nurse to bring a wheelchair downstairs.

Once I was in the wheelchair and the nurses were helping me, I told Ross that he could leave and come back later once we knew more. Not to mention, Bennett had been sick for a few days and he really needed some attention and medicine. My only concerns were: 1) me getting checked and 2) Bennett getting healthier. 

Once wheeled up to L & D by the nurses, I was checked and they said I was 90% effaced and 4cm dilated around 6:45am. Things were moving quick and I had so many questions. Eventually, in between the chaos of my water leaking EVERYWHERE and my painful contractions, I finally asked the nurses what the plan was. They kind of laughed and said, “well you’re going to have these babies now.” I was extremely shocked to say the least. I have no idea why I was so surprised, but I assumed that I’d have at least until say… noon? Like, can I collect my thoughts first, please? Haha. But babies don’t follow our time schedule, do they?

Quickly, I called my husband back explaining that we’re about to give birth. Then in a panic, he tried to hurry up and find childcare at 7am for Kensington and Bennett. My mom’s side of the family was at the beach (a few hours away) so that was a no-go but thankfully we were able to get help from my dad’s side of the family. My sister and her hubby were able to watch Kensington and Bennett which allowed Ross to head his way back to the hospital. All the while, I was contracting and getting closer to pushing. Mind you - I was all alone in a pre-op room because the plan was to have a c-section, but my contractions weren’t slowing down. Everything was so up in the air. VBAC? C-Section? Who was to say?

The sweet nurse kept asking how far away my husband was. She wanted him to be there with me, obviously, so she was trying to stall. We kept waiting on him but finally she was like, “well, we’ve got to go to the operating room.” We couldn’t wait any longer because I kept feeling pressure down south. As I was walking to the OR (still contracting; still leaking EVERYWHERE - are you seeing a theme here? So.much.water.), we passed Ross and he was quickly escorted to put his gown on. 

When I reached the OR with my God-sent nurse Sabrina, the anesthesiologist kept reminding me, “I’m going as fast as I safely can” with the spinal block. I was moaning and complaining because with each contraction, I felt more of the urge to push. I kept begging them to wait for my contraction to end before attempting the spinal block but they couldn’t; I was in pure agony.

Eventually, BAM - the spinal block was in and they immediately laid me down and started preparing me for the c-section. Things happened quickly after that. Had the spinal taken any longer, we would’ve had to attempt a VBAC because of how low the babies were. The twins were engaged and ready to come out, but the safest thing to do was a c-section due to my delivery history/the size of the babies.

Ross came in just in the nick of time to witness the birth of our sweet twin babies. Twin A (Ruth) came first since she was closest to the exit. She came at 8:12am. One minute later, Twin B (Shepherd) came at 8:13am. Both screaming and both healthy as could be. It was a miraculous moment that I had prayed every single day for since implanting them back on December 10, 2018. Ross and I could barely believe we had TWO new babies that were ours. And best of all, they were safe and healthy and I was safe and healthy.
Shepherd on the left//Ruth Millie on the right
Life after the OR was slightly more uncomfortable for me. Of course there’s the obvious pain from a major surgery, but then there were issues with my catheter (it was placed 3 different times), and I even had to do a CT scan just hours after surgery that ended up not being necessary. I didn’t get to see or hold my new bundles of joy for several hours. Life was also more uncomfortable for Ross too. He got a call from my family right after the c-section, about Benentt and how he had taken a slight turn for the worse and was having issues breathing. So Ross had to rush to leave the hospital right after my surgery. Both Ruth and Shep were taken to the nursery to be cared for at that point.

Shortly after their birth and once I was settled in the postpartum wing, it was suggested that Shep would need just a little extra attention in the NICU (which I completely expected and was not emotional about at all). Our sweet little boy spent 24 hours in the NICU and was perfectly fine after that. By discharge day (Wednesday, July 31), all four of us left the hospital together and we were finally reunited with our other two babies.
Shepherd above//Ruth Millie below
This birth experience was unlike my other two in almost every way. I can officially say that all three of my labor and delivery stories were nothing alike. With my first, Kensington, everything was by the books: a long pregnancy, needed an overnight induction, fully dilated, pushed, but eventually resulted in a c-section. With my second, Bennett, it was the opposite in every way: a short pregnancy, used magnesium to stop contractions, hospital bedrest, all resulting in a vaginal birth. So to have another experience completely different was wild: water broke at home unexpectedly, rushed to the hospital, hubby barely made it, fast, fast, fast, lots of unknowns, and then eventually a repeat c-section. 

Overall, my recovery has been more positive this round than it was in 2015 with my last c-section. Some things have been harder, but a lot of things have been easier. I am currently extremely iron deficient and have been diligently trying to increase that. However, I am moving much easier this round after my surgery and my incision is healing perfectly (as compared to my infection from 2015). The change in my hormones are more noticeable this time around also. I am noticing my body going from hot to cold quickly, and my emotions are still trying to balance out. My number one cry sesh has been from not being able to properly say goodbye to my very last ever pregnancy. I am so content with the 4 IVF babies we’ve got. I feel complete truy. But it happened SO fast and furiously that I didn’t even have time to process the twins’ birth day. The good aspect of it happening quickly, though, is that I wasn’t able to get anxious about an upcoming c-section scheduled for August 7th (which I was nervous about). Ultimately, I know that God is in control and He sees things that I don’t, so I am trusting Him through all of my insecurities and emotions. 

In one & half weeks of getting to know my newest little babies, I can tell you that our boy Shepherd is quiet and observant. I am drawn to him in such an unexplainable way. I want to comfort him anytime he cries because it’s rare. I remember feeling similarly with Bennett too. It is such a special thing to be a boy mom. With our sweet second princess Ruth, she is absolutely full of spunk, does not cry; only screams. I see her, Kensington, and I being the best of friends our whole lives. It is such a special thing to also be a girl mom. I could just cry my eyes out over how much these last two babies of ours have blessed me. My heart is so full.


  1. Congratulations!!! They are beautiful. I am hoping Bennett is doing well now.

  2. I am so happy for you lady. It has been such a joy to watch your journey all these years and all of your babies are precious gifts.

  3. Congrats!! So happy for y'all. I can't believe everything happened so quickly, good thing y'all got to the hospital when you did!! So thankful they are here, healthy, and happy!

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